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{REVIEW} CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT)

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Today is a pretty simple short post...just wanna share my thoughts on another brush of mine.
Before using Real Technique, I was stuck on using my hands for foundation application, as I was browsing through the net, I found this awesome brush sold in . As some of you might already know, the best criteria for foundation brush would be flat and made out of synthetic brush. Why flat and synthetic? Flat will make the foundation spread evenly and synthetic would enable more product to be pickup by the brush. Hence, this CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT) is just it.
CCFT is  Short handle made exactly fit to Asian hand like mine. To be exact, CCFT is only 9.5cm long which is great for gripping and travel friendly because of it's size. The weight are not so heavy which ease your way to blending process to.
It does help in shorten my time in foundation application. With one swipe you can see that there would not be any…