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Another Unboxing and it's MIVVA turn;) my first impression

Hi, hello and good night Beauties:) I'm sorry if I bored you with another unboxing post..What can I say? I love unboxing! and did you heard that Beau Box is coming to town? Yeay! another mystery of unboxing for me to solve. Currently, I've only tried every beauty box once except for two particular beauty bag. One because, it's my favorite and another one because it's the cheapest and valuable in town. Can you guess which?

MIVVA is quite limited and hard to get I supposed...It's vibe is similar to Lilac in my opinion...Really mysterious, premium and limited. But looks can be deceiving. Let me tell you what I think about MIVVA at the end of my post;)
This month MIVVA came up with the theme,

BFF SLEEPOVER KIT! Obviously you could guess what's should be inside right?
The first item that is my only favorite would be this one
It's an ANTIPODES JOYFUL HAND AND BODY CREAM. in sample size. For 120mls it values at RM149. I totally love love love the smells! Really ca…

flawless u'olls!

okey! i know it been ages since i post. but i know my sister has never keep u guys bored with her exciting life going on.  so my life has never been bored and busy with same-o same-o that is why i don't have the time to post. i have final exam is currently still going on. one more paper to go. pray for me.
okey beauty people! so for this post, i just remember that i never actually tell u guys what is actually "flawless set" rite? follow me on instagram: yanarusli. where i share all the testimony there.
what does flawless do?
Flawless skincare by gorgeous damias beauty

only Rm70 and FREE postage gets:
30g milk soap
20g day cream
30g night cream

milky soap :Shea butter,Olive oil,Aloe vera oil extract,Mulberry bark,Licorice,Aqua( water),Milk extract,Fragrance

the goodness of the soap :
Brighten and moisten skin.
get rid of dead cell in skin
help reduce aging line
balance skin Ph

Night cream :Tomato extract,Alpha arbutin,Chinese flower oil,Herb ,Coal,Extract milk and grape seed for whit…

Beau Box Giveaway Happening on Cindy's Planet!!

Hello Beauties!! Did they always say sharing is caring?
Today, I'm soo excited to share an amazing Giveaway Happening in Cindy's Planet!!
Met Cindy before and sooo happy for her that she'll be hosting another giveaway because the last fun Sunday outing giveaway was a blast!
And now she'll be giving a Beau Box!! Since knowing another Beauty Box coming to Malaysia, I just had to gt my hands on it! I think this is the first beauty box that include full sized makeup item.  Don't you just feel tempted??
Now, click the link below to enter: Cindy's Planet Beau Box Giveaway
Hurry up! You'll be missing if you're not in ;)