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{REVIEW} Discover Your Natural Inner Beauty with Chamos Acaci

Hello pretty awesome! Let's keep this short and simple but be sure to check out supermodel2u link cause you'll be amaze on how this beauty product works magically. If you've read the previous post, this is quite similar to it with the exception of being awesome in WHITENING.
This Korean made contains Galactomyces 100% Ferment Filtrate. Yes, if you have dry, sensitive, dark skin, how about trying this? After two weeks of usage, I find that this really helps.  I have develop a hideous invasion of pimples on my left cheek area after having my menses. My hormone are too active that it also activate the pimples growing. After 2 weeks of usage, I can't believe that it works although I didn't felt anything strange during the brightening process. Like I said before, it also act as brightening product. But it would take a little big longer to work for whitening.
I love the fact that 
it's small and easy to carry and also easy to applyIt's watery exactly like the fam…

{REVIEW} Revolution Makeup Series; Butterfly masquerade with Awesome metals foil finish and more

Hello there pretty awesome! I'm sad to say that this is the last series of my Revolution makeup post. I love makeup and this is one of my favorite makeup to review. I'm aiming of having their chocolate palette soon! But today, let's have a little costume party. We're going for that evil and innocence look.
If you've seen previous entry, I have mentioned about 'Awesome Metals' foil finish. I'll be reviewing 3 items by Revolution Makeup.
First up is called, Awesome Metals Foil finish Eyeshadow. This kit consist of Eye primer, the eye metal foils and the mixing tray. The finish is super duper metallic and definitely suitable for long hours party or wet situation. Wet situation you may ask? I guess when you're crazy enough to go dancing in the rain maybe. Well, I went for a look of 'Butterfly Masquerade'. This look is definitely the look you go for Halloween, Christmas also costume party.
They have it in many color too. Black DiamondEmerald Godd…