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{JOM JALAN2 JUMAAT} Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia Sale Murah Giless

Salam, Hello! and so I decided to do another day in blog sbb rase cam seronok lak share2 bende2 kat orang... Sharing is caring and caring is nurse, nurse is me...Ok melalut sangat...Actually bende ni dah lame nak share tapi sebab dah terbantut niat pas tinggalkan blog bersarang. Since adik dah rajin sikit nk take over, kite join je ler..layankan aje...

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia dah lame wujud dan habis tapi memandangkan sale final die tengah on kat The School , Jaya One PJ sampai 18 nie je,rase cam nak citer pengalaman ke sana.Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia dorang buat kat Viva Home Area Cheras. Harga tiket quite expensive since nak masuk tu just untuk tengok2 je. Tapi sebab Hello Kitty punye pasal ape pun bole. Masuk dalam Hello Kitty Go Around dorang bagi tag Hello Kitty sorang satu pastu buy 2 tiket free 1 cenderahati, pastu masok2 ad stesen photobooth yang comel sangat sbb ad kitty ats merry go round. but camera sendiri diharamkan kat area tuh sebab at the end akan ada satu …

Elianto Warehouse SALES!

Hi People! It is that time of the year again! SALES! Like everywhere SALE! SALE! SALE!
Do you like Makeup? Bags? Perfume? Skincare?
if you say Yes! to all of that... you have to visit;

Elianto is having Warehouse clearance from 2 Dec 2016 until 12 Dec 2016!
I just visit there, so let the pictures and vid do the talking;

Honest review; I have never missed Elianto warehouse sales since 3 years back. Elianto warehouse Sales is actually the only sales i get excited and it have never disappoint me but this time.... the stuff is not as exciting as the past. (or is it just me getting older and matured?) But the price is the kind of price you said to yourself, it won't hurt to buy even tho its not that worth it. 
Eventho i said what i said but i end up spending total of RM85. Oh Women!
But.....It doesn't hurt that much right?
This cute perfume that get me excited! coz it came in a really cute box! and duh it's only RM25 each! you can just wrap it and give to someone. or don't…


Well, Hello there pretty awesome!
Pretty soon it's going to be 2015 and it's freaking me out! How time flies and not a single resolution accomplish with flying color. How bout let's not have resolution next year or maybe...having resolution that is totally opposite of this not getting skinny..  Let's not focus on the seriousness of having new year resolution and let's have a therapeutic session by shopping. Here's just a little update on sales ongoing in Malaysia particularly in KL. BTW, I get my sale update on Check them out and let's go bargain hunting together.
First up that caught my attention is the Guess Brand Sale...I have not yet gone to Guess boutique to find out but they say Guess is having crazy discounts. I was thinking of buying few items for my hantaran. Well, of course need to ask le boyfie slash becoming fiance slash becoming hubby.. Sale is a great way to save for you big day. So why not?
Next is he BBW Sale …