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hi dolls! 
now you can officially shop at ! Shopping made easy for you!

for those that still dont know this emergency beauty kit had also upgraded their box! from just a cute paper box to more and improve hard box with magnet! so now you can bring the box anywhere with you! 
Here a bit of Who? What? or even Huh? Shoppinkboxcereal? pinkboxcereal? ha?
It is founded by Malaysian influencer, Shafiqah Shafie or people known her at social media by the name @pinkboxcereal. Shoppinkcereal was initially created in Aug 2016 at instagram to cater to her followers' demand for beauty products that specifically chosen and worn by Pinkboxcereal herself
Shoppinkbxcereal is the first to produce an Emergency Beauty Kit in Malaysia, in which customer can order different beauty products from slelected local and international brands available on the site to be packed inside the #emergencybeautykitbox.

Following the success of shoppingboxcere…

[Event] JacknJill Roller Coaster featuring my ❤

Hi ❤
This post meant so much to me, as this is my 1st time I introduce to you guys the ❤ of my life. He have always be in my heart since forever, but life happen we went our separate ways awhile until yesterday event we meet and I guess I just the only one that still and always have this feeling towards him. So are you ready?
Meet My ❤or Mikael Adam Bin Mohd Rafee Michel Lozach or Mikael Adam Lozach or everyone know him as SonaOne.
Sorry he's mine! hahaha. Okey Serious now!
On 11 December 2016 at Capri Hotel Rooftop level 33 our favorite JacknJill Roller Coaster snackhave officially launched SonaOne as the new face for JacknJill Roller Coaster "Get Snaki'n with It'.
New Look! More Flavoursome!
Have u hear the song? If you haven't click PLAY now! NOW! NOW!
Super catchy right? 
Meet Hafiz Fly Fm, Our emcee for today. 
And all the important people behind this tasty JacknJill Roller Coaster. they event made a special surprise for my❤ i mean SonaOne as its his birthday 10…

Frozen Elsa and Anna look with Peripera makeup in Watsons

Hello pretty awesome...raise your hand up high if you're a Frozen fan?? too...I'm a sucker for Disney's princesses actually..Let it be the Snow White, the mermaid Ariel, I watch em all. Seeing all the fairy tales makes me wish life is like fairy tales.. where prince charming exist and you live happily ever after...And mouse is your friend or in Frozen, a snowman is your friend. Weird though, But totally adorable...
If you followed me on IG, you would know that we've attended few days ago and dying to share the latest makeup by Peripera. Peripera has launched this limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collectionInspired by the cute and confident queen Elsa and her cute sister Princess Anna, this collection  has various products that have been designed to help create the look you always wanted in Frozen.

I know the pictures doesn't give much justice to the look since the lighting are just off and my camera sure doesn't show much improvem…