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{GIVEAWAY ENDED}Win Loreal White Perfect Total 10; A friendship tag*Dwibahasa AND THE WINNERS ARE....

Hello again! We wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support given..Never thought that this giveaway is going to be a success...but We're glad that we have you girls for support..

So thank you so so much again! We've read each and every comment and felt pretty much rainbows all's super hard to choose cause we love all of them...sigh...

So sorry for not able to choose everyone...but we love your comments thanks
Loretta, Tam Nyet, Aida, Princess Sya, Princess Kenit, Pinku, Yvonne, Merry Phang, Lim, Jenn, Tiong, Jan, Nicole, Sinyee, Bobo, Elliot, Clarence, Natalie, Sherry, Ayi, Bella, Hayley, Pui Kwan, William, Leong, Lee Mee, Angela and Milan...

Phew..we felt like mentioning every participants as a token of appreciation;) Do keep on supporting us

Without further's our 5 pairs of lovely bff's that won!

drum roll please...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congratulations you girls!  Clarence Thew & Natalie Ta…

Paradise getaway with

Hi pretty awesome! How you like my previous post so far? Life in the city is the best. However, I need a break from all this. Thanks to Seeties, they giving away 10 ! Yup, 10 awesome getaway to be given away! As Seeties is quite new in town, let me first introduce you to  Seeties was founded by David and Elbert, 2 well-meaning souls who were on a mission to make life happy and meaningful. Since they were both spending so much time in the city, David wanted to build something that would make a difference in the lives of his fellow city-dwellers. Many people like him are caught up with the hustle and bustle and were missing out on the beauty of life itself. Thus David & Elbert’s life’s work began…
I think Seeties really understands just what I need...Hence, they hosted this cool Getaway Treat Campaign. Are you as wishful as I am? Since work, I had no time for vacay. Even staying with my family, we had very few time of vacation. To be exact, we only had's a sad fact. But ci…

{ANNOUNCEMENT} Winner for Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen Brush!

Hi girls! Remember this email?? 
"We apologized for the delay in announcing the winner. It was extremely hard for us to choose as we hate choosing winner. However, we got to do what we got to do. But we decided to keep the 2 winners of Cerro Qreen brushes a secret until they've been contacted by Natta Cosme. Surprise surprise.
There's more...since Natta Cosme wanted only 2 names for the winner, we feel bad for the others that didn't win so we decided to send a little token of appreciation our self. As we use our own money to provide this gift, it might just be small...but hope you'll love it. So if you're not winning, expect gift from us."
"some may already received their gift.for the winner, you will also received gift from us and by that gift mail, you will know that you're the winner....for every one that has received the gift, we really appreciate if you could take the time to upload a picture of it to our fb page…

{REVIEW+ GIVEAWAY} Cerro Qreen Makeup Brushes @ Natta Cosme

Hello Beauties!
It's pretty awesome to finally own a set of professional makeup brushes. Thanks to Natta Cosme. CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set is in pink color with 18 pieces of make up brushes in it carrying different functions aim to beautify your make up. The case bag designed in the lovely pink matches the taste of most women; the brushes are made in the lovely pink and graceful black to bring out your awesome taste and elegance, and at the same time satisfying your beauty needs. 
Yes, you heard em. It's 18 brushes with different function. Remember yesterday's tutorial? I use only half of it.
What do I think of the brushes? I love it all the way. The brush are so soft and easy to clean. As I mention before, natural hair would pick up less product compared to synthetic hair. However, the finishing is smooth. Cleaning the brushes would be easy but would takes time to dry same like human hair. 
If you're interested to have this do visit
The shop that I trusted woul…

Winner for withlovekisses giveaway!!

Hi! Remember this giveaway?? We apologies for the delay in choosing the winner for our giveaway...we really hate to choose as we wish to give everyone the prize...only if money and time doesn't matter...Thank you so so much for your support and keep on supporting...we hope we choose the most deserve winner...we'll be happy to do other exciting giveaway soon:) 

We will be emailing the winner soon^-^ please reply ur mail we will start embroiding soon after everyone replied their mail:) PS: For those who wanted to buy their own embroided pencil case, do pm us:)

Cindy's Vday Giveaway!!

Hello  Beauties! My friend +Cindy Tong is doing a great Giveaway!! Prizes include: 1. Lush Bath Bomb Bombardino 2. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel 3. Laline Body Scrub in Musk scent

4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara 5. Benefit Fake Up 6. Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour
7. Nature Republic Dream Collagen Set 8. Yadah Cactus Mist 9. Leader in Solution Biocelulose Mask
10. Nuxe - Huile Prodigieuse (multi Purpose Dry Oil)

I wanted Benefit Products fake up soo badly!!
How bout you??
Do join in!! CLICK

{GIVEAWAY UPDATED} Handmade personalize name embroided makeup bag and more beauty stuff @withlovekisses!!

{UPDATED} Hello Beauties! We're grateful for the unexpected support that have been given that we're decided to have another 4 winners to this giveaway instead of one... Yes! total of winner would be 5...and you may ask what you're be winning? We been thinking hard what would be the most suitable consolation prize for another 4 this is it...your own bag with name and one mystery beauty stuff. Due to this overwhelm respond as well, we feel bad to not choose the most deserve winner. Hence, the grand prize winner will be chosen from the most task completed in Rafflecopter and the other 4 would be the winner most supportive in FB, Instagram, Twitter and Creative Blog Post. On the side note, as we are so excited to publish our first giveaway, we forgot to mention the loving people that supported us from day one. Thank you so many many many much for your unselfish act in hoping for the best for our blog. Especially The Butterfly Project Malaysia and of course the fou…

Giveaway happening at

Hello beauties!! How's your Monday?? 2days till Christmas and ya of course sickness never had a day I have to send me cakes and presents to ward will ya? Actually this is just a simple post to tell you girls that there's a giveaway happening right at right now!! What she's giving is something still on my why not I just join in right?? I feel happy for her and everything this is someway to support her in what she's doing.. hopefully I will become a blogger as great as all my blogger friend... So...excited to know what she's giving away???

Click now!!


Yet another awesome giveaway from Cindy's planet!!

Hello Beauties!! I excited to blog about this because I want it soo soo badly...Remember I've posted about Beaubox giveaway?? Now she's doing another giveaway and what's excites me is that I will to go together with her!!! Yippie..but only if I win la...

Do you wanna know what you'll be winning in this giveaway??? Drum roll plzzzz!

1x Full Size Lipocils Expert
1x Renaissance Mask Sheet
1x Eye Patch Therapy (1 Pair)
1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Light Essence 30ml
1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream 7ml
1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Brightening Cream 7ml

And of course a BEAUTY WORKSHOP!! 

So...who want this?? Raised your hand and click on the link below!
Cindy's planet giveaway!!
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ S

Calling all sunglasses lover! Special Glassesonline month!

Its November guys, and girls of coz!  It's MOVEMBER month! do you know that giving away super sweet NUNETTES!
WHAT IS NUNETTES? omg! omg! omg! nunettes is.............. are u ready people?

dont you just want to own this super sweet pair of Nunettes? dont you????!
Simply Instagram yourself with a mustache and hash tag it #GoMovember to enter.  p.s The funnier the picture the better;)

we have join! come and join us and win a pair of sweet sweet nunettes!

#GoMovember guys and girls

Head over to
And like thier fb page at

Y&S Follow Us Pretty Plewse:)

Beau Box Giveaway Happening on Cindy's Planet!!

Hello Beauties!! Did they always say sharing is caring?
Today, I'm soo excited to share an amazing Giveaway Happening in Cindy's Planet!!
Met Cindy before and sooo happy for her that she'll be hosting another giveaway because the last fun Sunday outing giveaway was a blast!
And now she'll be giving a Beau Box!! Since knowing another Beauty Box coming to Malaysia, I just had to gt my hands on it! I think this is the first beauty box that include full sized makeup item.  Don't you just feel tempted??
Now, click the link below to enter: Cindy's Planet Beau Box Giveaway
Hurry up! You'll be missing if you're not in ;)

[GIVEAWAY] The Shout! Awards 2013 Tickets by Marya Hana

Tadi baru jalan2 dalam alam maya nie dan berblog hopping and jumpe giveaway kat link blogger nie...

Pergi shout awards!!

Teringin sngt nk pegi sbb taun2 lepas pun mmg shout awards nie antare awards yg happening, klakar dan unik!

Giveaway die sng je kene lengkapkn slogan nie...
"Nak tiket Shout! Awards kerana .. Shout awards nie die bwat kat bkt Jalil, dekat sngt ngan rumah, so ape salahnye pegi kn?timing pown mmg kene dgn jadual keje...selain itu Nk tgok artis2 top-top dan meletop2 yg dicalonkan dlm shout award...and Bole pkai vogue2 cam retis jgak kn? and mane tau dpt jumpe cik akak marya hana yang cun kat situ gak.....bole mintk autograph skali..
Sorryla sbb entry nie simple best jgak klo dpt pegi kn....Sape yg sempat bc nie jom la join....mane tau rezeki ad..dptla sepasang tiket kn...