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Mascara Maybelline lama tapi baru

Hello! Lama dah tak buat beauty hari nie rasa ada mood nak buat satu. Actually kalau tunjuk mascara ni mesti uolls kenal. Mana taknya, it's Malaysia's No. 1 best- selling mascara.
Tadaaa kenal tak? First time I received the mascara from Maybelline I was like, 'eh, ni kan mascara yang dah lama kat pasaran tu...kenapa Maybelline bagi I review'...krik krikk ...tapi sebenarnya I salah. First of all cap die color lain. Habit I memang simpan barang- barang makeup yang dah abis untuk kenangan especially yang packaging cantik-cantik. I pun jumpa mascara HYPERCURL yang packaging lama and the limited edition one. Hello Kitty punye mesti simpan. Nak compare pun tak boleh sebab dah kering kontang mascara lama I I just tangkap gambar bagi uolls bezakan packaging dia. Sama je kan? except for the cap. Honestly, it's my favorite mascara once upon a time. Tapi biar I cerita kenapa I beralih arah from another mascara (as I recalled) mascara ni agak pricey untuk s…

{REVIEW} Super comfy contact lens from Supermodels Secrets & Safety tips

Hello pretty awesome! I'm going to post a Raya entry soon! Yay or nay? I'm gonna share with you girls another secret of mine for big dolly eyes!
I have talked about contact lens before and that was high end brand. You may expect a little bit expensive lens if you shop there. Frankly, I'm scared of super cheap contact lens cause I heard many bad tragedy happen to random people. Before that, I don't care much about it. I even wore pasar malam cheap lens brand. Not to say all pasar malam brand can't be trusted. It's just that you have to be smart in choosing the right one. I say it once and again. Beauty does not mean you have to suffer.
Thanks to Supermodels Secrets, I found new favorite contact lens.  They are just adorable super sweet shop I ever known.
As claimed by SS, they are 100% originally from Korea and you can expect cute dolly eyes wearing them. Mine is in grey. They have quite few colored lens that you can choose from and plenty of pow…