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[OOTD] white jeans?

Good Day!
Hi peeps!
Fun facts about me;
1. I never have the guts to wear white. full white. white shirt make me look either fat or ugly. This is actually my 1st time wearing white jeans from UNIQLO. 2. Not my camera. been using my brother's camera for every event. Thank You Abang, if you read this (which i know he won't) but Thanks anyway. 3.I sew my own cloth when i have no money to spend or my vision of cloth cannot be found at any store. current fav hijab, got it for free when i bought my abaya.  5.Heels make me look skinny.  6. Want to be a model, but too chubby to become one and not that tall. 
okey thats all for now k.
See you tomorrow?

Hijab Style for the insecure people travelling

Alhamdulillah..masuk bulan 11 ni baru life tu teratur sikit lepas kahwin. Mula2 kawin rasa serabut kepala sampai sekarang pun still terumbang ambing tapi at least dah makin biasa dengan life as a wife. But life as a blogger maybe dah makin jauh ketinggalan. Nak honeymoon pun takde masa sebab management kerja memang menyedihkan. Lepas majlis cuti sehari je. sob sob..So, I mampu pegi Cameron jek ngan suami. Dahlah time jerebu. Nampak kabus and hidu asap jek. Yang penting I dapat jugak merasa kemanisan honeymoon tuh. So anyway...I nak share my experience as a Hijab person and being insecure as I was, I memang pastikan semua benda nak hangkut pergi travel. But over time, I learnt that less is more sebenarnya..janji kite pandai planning nak bawak apa. Eventhough we've been dating for soo long, travelling is not our forte. Even Genting pun tak jejak bersama. So after married, suami jadi a bit shocked seeing me pack so many things for a day trip (itupun lepas dah kurangkan banyak brg:p)…

Easy Raya Shopping with

Hello pretty awesome! I know, all of you girls already know don't you? But, how many of you really shop there? I'm here to admit it's my first time shopping in Thanks to Zalora itself for the opportunity! After three days of ordering, I got my item already...tehee... I know my choice of item is a little bit ordinary. But I love it soo much.  See, it's not so bad right? This is the type of platform loafers that I was looking for. 7 inch and flat. This is definitely a comfy shoes to walk in and plus it give me height. BTW, black already sold out. You can look for Choc- O- Latte brand for white and salmon color if you want this too.
And this is another item that I choose from Zalora which already sold out too.  I'm looking for an everyday bag but you can also put on with crazy outfit look because it has two sides. One plain and one with orange tassels. Don't you think it's awesome?
I just wanna say that I think shopping at is gr…

Go with Flip flops when you're in doubt!

Hello pretty awesome! Today I'm going to share my love for flip flops. Time flies and fashion comes and goes. But, flip- flops are there to stay. I've been wearing them since I know how to walk. Even now, I go with flip- flops whenever I felt like it.
 Why do I love flip- flops so much?  Simply because, Flip flops are the simple footwear you could wear when you want to rest your feet. Take off those high heels and relax your soles by wearing the simple flip flop. Flip flops are designed to provide comfort for you all day long and you no longer have to feel insecure having smelly feet. As you know, smelly feet occur when you wear covered shoes far too long. So why not just relax on the weekend with a stylish flip flop?  Kick off those high heels or ballerina flats and let your feet breathe.
Flips flops are also the perfect footwear to be worn on a daily routine such as going grocery shopping or a trip to the post office. However, never wear them to work as a lot of offices have c…