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Suri Hati Mr Pilot.

hi all! If you stop by this post because of the title, i believe u must have the same obsession as i am. Since today is the last episode of the most sweetest drama, i also want to post about it!
This is just my opinion. Honestly, a bit disappointing. The drama start off too good, and Neelofa and Fattah on social media was too sweet got me high expectation on the drama. The drama is not that wow, it is actually the idea we all have for Neelofa and Fattah to be together that made we get this obsession for this Drama. Neelofa is single, Fattah just broke up. So perfect right? Hate the drama, but so in love with this two. Fattah sye punya, walaupun Neelofa lg sesuai, Nak jugk! Hey anyone that already read the book, is the drama reach your expectation?
ohh yaa not to forget, I have to say thank you to the owner of this blog;
This week my shift is on the night shift, so i was unable to watch it live with my family, however this blog never failed to upload every epi…

[OOTD]How to look tall (for short girl)

Good Day!

Hi. Hope you having a good day and Thank You for stopping by. If you new to our blog, today is Thursday, which mean today post is OOTD post. 
If you guys read the Headline, this is strictly for short girls only! like me. tall girl please laa give us short girl chance to look tall like you. 
So how do I make my self look tall? take note i only 156 cm tall only. 

heels & boot-cut jeans is the key! oh and ofcoz dont forget your confident too.
things i wear and where can u get it too: Hijab: Masjid Jamek for RM10 T-shirt: Cotton On, 2 for RM80 Boot Cut Jeans: insta shop @shirt_on_factory for RM55 Heels from XES
*patiently waiting for XES event again. always in love with their shoes. their heels never ever hurt my feet which i love so so much!
I guess thats all for today post! See you next Wednesday? YR

Perla Coffee Review

Good Day!
Dear readers, thank you for stopping by. As promised, i will blog after i finish the whole box of Perla Coffee that i am currently drinking. 
In my previous post of Perla Coffee i didn't mention the benefits of drinking Perla Coffee, i was assuming everyone already know about it but hey there's no loss in sharing again right?
Perla Coffee is a coffee for : 1.whitening your whole body  2.even your skin tone to treat acne problem problem  5.soften your skin texture. in making your skin more fluffy and flawless. in treating scars in reducing wrinkles and fine line.
and so much more.
*i dont sell this coffee, i just drink it and do review for my readers to help you guys in deciding whether or not to drink.
So honest review, few years back i tried and there a lot of pimple. Now, reason i give myself to try again is because of coffee. since i been working, drinking coffee is a must because i found myself super blur if i dont. I been drinking Nescafe…