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{REVIEW} Garden of Eden Natur E-mazing! Warning: Gross Pic ahead.

Hello beauties!! I'm soo excited to share today review because this product is something I can't even believe exist in this world..but I guess it does! Of course I'm not over exaggerating can get a laser treatment to vanish your scar...but can you get it below RM40?? I bet you can't!

Previously, I always though scars won't heal because I had few scars from my childhood year and it never fade away...same like our fragile heart, if it's scar, could i be healed? It might, but only with the power of Love...LOL. Do I sound like Shakespeare?

Introducing Garden of Eden
No...not this garden my's a perfect ugliness terminator...

Eden means God so Garden of Eden basically means Garden of God...and the beauty of this is that it literally does wonders! Thanks to for the opportunity to know this product a little bit intimately....
For my review today, I'll be bragging about Natur E Scar Serum.

It is basically A pure elixir of natural …

The Wonderbox OCT Beauty Box UNBOXING/ First impression

Hello beauties!Have your days been wonderful??

Today, I've decided to do another unboxing...Let see...
I had tried..Bag of Love, Natta Cosme, Cosmobox, Modbox, The Lilac Box and now it's turn for Wonderbox. and I'm also planning to try out the most anticipated beauty box by all Vanity trove and Mivva soon. and next planning to do a comparison post versus to versus beauty box post. Hopefully soon...because I just love love beauty surprises.

So now, introducing, the Wonderbox
I love the box and overall packaging, the delivery, is average phase but the service respond are quite excellence. They came with a card like above and stated brief info on all the items we'll be getting. Sadly, no price stated on the card.
It is slightly customized based on our beauty profile which to me is somehow great but not as great because sometimes I love to try things that out of my beauty comfort. The one obvious disappointment to me is that there's no makeup at all...and most products…

[GIVEAWAY] The Shout! Awards 2013 Tickets by Marya Hana

Tadi baru jalan2 dalam alam maya nie dan berblog hopping and jumpe giveaway kat link blogger nie...

Pergi shout awards!!

Teringin sngt nk pegi sbb taun2 lepas pun mmg shout awards nie antare awards yg happening, klakar dan unik!

Giveaway die sng je kene lengkapkn slogan nie...
"Nak tiket Shout! Awards kerana .. Shout awards nie die bwat kat bkt Jalil, dekat sngt ngan rumah, so ape salahnye pegi kn?timing pown mmg kene dgn jadual keje...selain itu Nk tgok artis2 top-top dan meletop2 yg dicalonkan dlm shout award...and Bole pkai vogue2 cam retis jgak kn? and mane tau dpt jumpe cik akak marya hana yang cun kat situ gak.....bole mintk autograph skali..
Sorryla sbb entry nie simple best jgak klo dpt pegi kn....Sape yg sempat bc nie jom la join....mane tau rezeki ad..dptla sepasang tiket kn...

Maybelline NY Catwalk 2 Sidewalk Grand Finale Party fun!

Hello beauties!  Few days ago I was thankful to +Amirah 'Izzah Mohd Najib  tagged me to RSVP to this event.  and I got in! Just a brief story on what this is all about, previously Maybelline had held a contest on photo uploading with the most daring makeup using Maybelline newest bestest mascara which is of course the Maybelline Rocket! and the Grand Prize is a trip to NY during fashion week!OMG, how I wish I could go there....Anyway...the last grand finale challenge was of course a catwalk!
How amazing all of this 13 finalists to get through the final! and I'm just excited to attend to give them support:) It was held in Neverland, right at the heart of KL of course.. Did you came as well? It was fun at the entrance that they ask us to leave our mark on the graffiti wall using makeup!. Inside, they offered free drinks and finger food! I was enjoying while waiting for the show to start. Thanks to him for being my driver, bodyguard and photographer and my everything :p
They als…

BLOGGING 101 with Bag Of Love Halloween Edition! X The Butterfly Project.

Hello Beauties!! I hope it's not too late to post another unboxing/ unzipping beauty box/bag.
As you guys probably can tell... I have been subscribing and falling in love with Bag of Love from the first time I ever done beauty box (my first love). After knowing the thrill of getting beauty box with Bag of Love, I always wanted to search for a better one..and honestly, I didn't find any that could top of Bag of Love!True story!

Click to see my previous unzipping Bag of Love Happy Edition Bag of Love Travel Edition
It is because, I love bags and the item that we'll be getting is always new and exciting. To compare, every beauty box I've subscribed will include the same brand from another beauty box company, I'm not sure if there is any related link between beauty boxes but Bag of Love always shows uniqueness that I love soo much in their item. Plus, I have mentioned before, I just admired the founder for this bag and the story behind this bag makes it even valuable to …