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{OUTING} Malswisse Makeup Class Part 1:Skincare TIPS

Hello Beauties! Actually I'm excited to share you my day to Malswisse, School of Beauty and Wellness last year ...yah..time flies really fast..but I just had to share. I'm so blessed that I won RM600 worth of Makeup class in Malswisse FB Lucky Beauty Wheel. Along with my friend +Cindy Tong  , we had soo much fun learning. Cindy might be a pro in these makeup things but I gotta be honest, I'm acting like a kid learning how to properly cleanse my face. Sorry teacher..hihi
Meet our cute tutor for that day Miss Carmen, she looks really sweet..Somehow she's a bit 'garang' too... Here's what I learn through the first session...I will definitely share bear with me yaa.. Step by step... 1. Makeup remover The one that provided was a water based makeup remover. I honestly never ever use makeup remover before this class. I usually use baby wipes. However, Carmen says that using baby wipes will cause friction which makes your face prone to wrinkle...yik…