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{PICTORIAL} Looks using NYX Cosmetics Parallel Worlds collection: inspired by City of Bones 'The Mortal Instruments'

Hello Beauties! How's your day? Hopes everything going to be well;)

Few days back I had attend Benefit Cosmetics Boutique for a Beauty Bash at Starhill in Sephora.
It was an amazing day for me as it was my dream to have some Benefit. Well..after ended the beauty bash, I had times to stroll around Sephora. At first, I was just going to see some stuff but then ended up buying things...Oh my...this is why I couldn't save any money...everything seems tempting...
However, the things I ended up buying turns up to be the best thing ever...and it's only one with few things in it....the best part of's only for RM65...Felt lucky the whole day that day....

Still, that Sephora Makeup Academy Blockbuster are yet to be mine....
Well that day I stumbled upon pARALLEL wORLDS mAKEUP cOLLECTION BY NYX. Somehow, Thanks to +Tammy Lim and +FarishaNadia that influence me to buy this. And I did not regret buying this at all...
Basically this collection are inspired based on this mov…

Talika Beauty Secrets workshop day in conjunction with Vanity Trove (Cindy'sPlanet giveaway prize)!

Hello beauties! It's Saturday and you know what? It's the Christmas potluck day for the butterflies...Sadly...I have a wedding to attend...sob sob...I love meeting with the butterflies...It's where everything I love collides...Lovely event, nice place, beautiful scene and friendly people...but hye...hopefully I get to meet them again soon... Today I wanna tell you about my day attending the Talika Beauty Secrets Workshop, all thanks to Cindy's Planet for the awesome giveaway!! Yeaya..
I'm glad that my effort to blog about it paid off and I got pick to win this! I mean.. who would want to miss the opportunity to join in the fun? Plus, I also get to have my own Talika's Vanity Trove! We, in front of Talika's in Isetan 1Utama. Thank you +Cindy Tong   for choosing me as the winner! I'm so happy that I get to go with her. She's friendly, so it's really easy for a shy girl like me to get along with her.
So, as we arrived at Gino Cafe near Talika'…

{REVIEW} 4U2 SPLASH! sets by Hishop

Hello Beauties! How's your day? Today is non other than a day where I review my latest makeup family by 4U2 and it's fun and exciting called SPLASH! Thank you specially to for giving me the chance to review this...because I just love love having more and more makeup in my life!

Introducing SPLASH! by 4U2. I love the packaging! It's pretty fun and lightweight. Small and compact, easy to carry!
The SPLASH line by 4U2 came in eye-shadow palette and blusher too!
4U2 SPLASH! Velvet Eyeshadow 4 This Velvet Eyeshadow palette by 4U2 Cosmetics features tastefully selected colors to pull-off a great eye-make up look.
In this palette you will find your highlighter, shadow and base.

Dab it onto your lids with an appropriate brush and blend thoroughly.

-Compact powder form
-Four-color palette
-Brush not included
-Suitable to all skin types 

Retailed at RM25.90 in to me is something really affordable and worth every penny!

4U2 SPLASH! Matt Blush 3 This Matte Blush by 4U2 Cosme…

Butterfly Project: My 2014 Beauty Resolution with Yadah!

Hello beauties!! It's going to be 2014 bday going to be in less than a month and I still am not ready to face the fact that I'm growing older..and gotta slow down in liking dolls, pink stuff, hello kitty and all girlish stuff related and more focus on being a bride to be...FYI...that's my general new year resolution! Piling up some money and get married...well that's in different story of my life...
Today, is all about my Beauty resolution, facing the fact that I didn't even achieve my last year beauty resolution which is to loose some weight, I've decided to move on with it and focused more on inner beauty...and being healthy...
In being healthy, I believe everything that we use should be NATURAL and CHEMICAL-FREE..with all the drama happening to mother earth, it's the least we can using products that strongly adhere with the word BOTANICAL and only usenatural plant ingredients! You see...I ♥ makeup soo much and didn't even …

Tea Party Time with Serverfreak X ButterflyProjectM'sia!

Hello beauties...I'm so happy to share this with you because I love tea party! Care to join me? Virtually?to the tea party of the year? The day was perfect with sun shining, blue skies and great butterflies! It was held in the most peaceful spacious space in KL called Show.Case in Kelana Jaya. Facing the lake that makes your heart melts and wanting to date someone there.
After registering with the Serverfreak staff, I have been given a goodies bag and choose a book. My eyes straight away focused on the cute DIY notepad made by Mamasan +Tammy Lim. She's been hardworkingly making that DIY notepad by herselves! Kudos to her;) I bought one too to support my beloved community.
And as it was noon, I just had to taste all the finger food. There's curry puff, brownies, carrot cake, croissants, sandwiches and of course...the classical scones. Tea and coffee anyone?
How cute was the cup? It suits my tudung isn't it? I also fall in love with the decorative tea party vintagey disp…