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{UPDATED REVIEW} Maybelline NY White Superfresh: Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

HELLO! Thanks for reading the updated version of this superb cake powder. Have you planned out activities for tomorrow? Well, I wish everything you've planned is going to be great. Anyway...have you shop for makeups? If you haven' bout putting this super duper Maybelline NY White Superfresh Cake Powder to your list? I just realized that my past review are quite brief on the things this cake powder suppose to do..So here's an updated review on why this powder is still my favorite.
So, I've been to the beach lately and able to get myself tan without the desire to be tan. Like usual, I would use this powder cause it's really suits me well especially in not getting my face soo damn oily...recently, I decided to make this into my number 1 makeup to have everywhere you  travel cause it gives me instant brightening effect to my tanned face... Eventually, due to the awesome SPF content, I get less sunburn and kept working on being fair again. I would totally recomme…

Kiehl's Fun in the sun at Secret Garden, One Utama + Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil- free range

Hello Hello pretty awesome! I know I'm a bit late on this but I have to use time to test it out. However, let's skip that review part first because I'm dying to share my day. Remember my Kiehl's entry? How I said I love to try organic all natural product. Oh my oh my...that day was the best! Kiehl's together with The Butterfly Project always had something impressive to show off so they decide to do this Fun in the sun event somewhere magical called Secret Garden at One Utama. I never knew there's a garden on the roof of One Utama. It was so nice feeling back to nature with all the cactus and waterfall.You gotta admit that nowadays, it's pretty hot and humid. So this is the most right time for me to have my own Kiehl's gel cream. Like I mentioned, the skeleton has always been the mascot for Kiehl's. After the warm welcome from the gorgeous doctors of Kiehl's we are in for the time of our life of course! source
The representative of Kiehl's wa…

{EVENT} XES Premium Boutique Grand Openng & Summer 2014 Collection Preview

Hello hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Awesome? Recently, We went to XES Premium Boutique Grand Opening. You could say we enjoyed it a lot, shoes and bags, whats not to enjoy? It's truly is girl's best friend
On that day, we could see XES Premium Boutique from afar as the boutique blue sky color can be distinct easily. XES VIPs that launch the opening. The atmosphere on that day was spectacular of course  The premium boutique definitely have it's exquisite space compared to normal boutique. In that particular boutique, there's a wide range shoes collection from children to adults and bags too. Like always, if you can recalled previous XES entry, XES offer super comfy shoes with affordable price.
After mingling around, great food and great people, we were excited to finally see for ourselves the summer collection. The best of summer collection, is the bags and bags and bags. Oh my oh my oh my... We're in love with the bags. We think the design are just sophisticate…