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This is how I use Derma Roller

Good day!
Happy Wednesday!
My last post of Derma Roller & My Routine Before and after Derma Rolling i have list down and briefly explain how i use Derma Roller since today and tomorrow is my off day so i decided to share a short video of how i Derma Rolling.

oh the guy that you guys seeing is my little brother. he do a short advertisement for you guys.
Hope you guys love it. See you tomorrow!  Kisses. YR

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi peeps, happy Wednesday! Although its weekdays and everyone is working and it can be very grumpy. But hey just 2 days more till the weekend right?

So today post is apple cider all the wayy baby.

Do you guys know that apple 🍎 cider vinegar or ACV have like 1001 benefits? For health and for us for beauty hacks or u can say beauty DIY using ACV.

As my previous post I mentioned that i have used ACV as a toner, but recently I learned that ACV also can help for ur hair, just name ur problem. ACV is ur solution.

As a hijabi, (hijabi is that really a word?) i mean for a person wearing hijab, i bet we all have the same problem, hairfall nonstop. like seriously non stop. So women! Let ACV our hair.

So how ACV works? ACV is full with nutrients that will balance the pH of your scalp that will help to thicken your hair and remove dead skin cells. So it can also help with itchiness and dandruff.

How yana used ACV?

I buy a small spray bottle, put half of the ACV and half room temperature water. T…