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[OOTD]Comfortable yet classy.

Hey guyss! Happy Thursday! So as promised, my yesterday's ootd; 

How to keep it classy yet super comfortable? Wear a palazzo. Better yet nude palazzo. Which is super comfy but still look classy and its rhymes duhh
My palazzo is from +Calacara Boutique where i got at the sale time for only rm100 for 3 item. Baggy shirt is from an old pashmina from turkey and DIY to whatever u see as above. Hijab i got it as gift from my mother<3 That beautiful cute bag is a gift for my birthday from my mother's friend (which i call sometimes "mak angkat") The ring (dont know if u can see it) its from a friend from work which also for my birthday, simple but yet it is so me.  Lastly, flats, old flat from +Forever 21 for only RM50.
I am so not a fashion advisor but i really love to be one. Hahahha. Or even so a model? Ohh keep dreaming liyana.  Okey guys hope you love my short and simple post! 
More than happy to hear from u guys what do u think of my look? Yeay? Nay? Comments below…

{ANNOUNCEMENT} Winner for Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen Brush!

Hi girls! Remember this email?? 
"We apologized for the delay in announcing the winner. It was extremely hard for us to choose as we hate choosing winner. However, we got to do what we got to do. But we decided to keep the 2 winners of Cerro Qreen brushes a secret until they've been contacted by Natta Cosme. Surprise surprise.
There's more...since Natta Cosme wanted only 2 names for the winner, we feel bad for the others that didn't win so we decided to send a little token of appreciation our self. As we use our own money to provide this gift, it might just be small...but hope you'll love it. So if you're not winning, expect gift from us."
"some may already received their gift.for the winner, you will also received gift from us and by that gift mail, you will know that you're the winner....for every one that has received the gift, we really appreciate if you could take the time to upload a picture of it to our fb page…

{TAG} Get to know me- Fun edition

Hello beauties! I'm so excited to do this fun tag. It's just something to pass things by. So here's go nothing.

1.What is your dream vacation? 
People dream t of going to somewhere like a beautiful beach, watching sunrise. Something common as we called it as a getaway. As for me,I kinda wanting something more adventurous like climbing up mountain or at least let me climb wall of China. Why China? I heard it's a great shopping place where you can get everything in bargain. Yes that would be it..but if really, somehow ten zillion million dollars falls down from the sky for me, I would go to Paris, city of fashion and romance^-^ in reality, if I never ever get to save up, at least I wanna go to Mecca.

{GIVEAWAY UPDATED} Handmade personalize name embroided makeup bag and more beauty stuff @withlovekisses!!

{UPDATED} Hello Beauties! We're grateful for the unexpected support that have been given that we're decided to have another 4 winners to this giveaway instead of one... Yes! total of winner would be 5...and you may ask what you're be winning? We been thinking hard what would be the most suitable consolation prize for another 4 this is it...your own bag with name and one mystery beauty stuff. Due to this overwhelm respond as well, we feel bad to not choose the most deserve winner. Hence, the grand prize winner will be chosen from the most task completed in Rafflecopter and the other 4 would be the winner most supportive in FB, Instagram, Twitter and Creative Blog Post. On the side note, as we are so excited to publish our first giveaway, we forgot to mention the loving people that supported us from day one. Thank you so many many many much for your unselfish act in hoping for the best for our blog. Especially The Butterfly Project Malaysia and of course the fou…