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[Product Review] Original Sprout Tahitian Shampoo 100% Vegan

Good Day! But first read THIS for all the facts on this product. So today will be a special post as me YR and my sister SR will be reviewing on this Original Sprout Tahitian 100% vegan shampoo and since i unable to show my hair, lucky i have my little brother, i mean that is all the point of having a little brother right?
Here a short vid, my little brother got free hair shampoo from the professional taw!

Here some before and after pictures;

All picture were taken with iphone 6s with flash. Look closely! before my little brother hair a bit dull and dry, but after it just look shining and moist.
Honestly, if you really wanna see result you have to try is for a month than only can see the result.
"Every good thing take times"
For me YR, dry hair is never the main issue, hair falls like niagara falls have always been the main problem. Its normal right women with hijab? or is it really just me?
I had tried two times, first impression, it really take a lot of patient as it is not…

[Event] Original Sprout hair product

On 10 December 2016, at Delicious Bangsar Village 2, We attend the Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury hair product. 
Have you ever heard of it before?
No? Yes?

Whether you have or you haven't I will still do modelling post for you!

Okey let's talk fact!
Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury is actually a hair product which is 100% vegan! Means, it is 100% natural! 
The Founder; Inga Tritt was born in Germany and grew up in Montecito, California. Inga Tritt founded The Original Sprout in 2003 and her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a Master Stylist. Wanting to be a full time mom led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she lives creating safe professional products for families worldwide.  The name Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya in 2002. She was delighted in her newborn daughter's thick hair. To her surprise, all the shampoos wreaked havoc to her daughter's hair and sensitive skin.…