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{CONTEST} Shopping mood ON! L'Oreal Paris lovers #beautycountdown

Hello pretty awesome! I know I've been MIA for the past few days...I'm sick as h*** ...and my time are wasted on sleeping, crying and toileting.... I was going to do this post soon as I know of it..but when I'm sick...everything are put to pause..I'm a type of person who's rarely get sick...Thus, being sick is just not my forte...but I sure am a shopaholics!  Raised your hands if you're a L'Oreal lover! The other day when I was doing my shopping, I just realized I'm prone to buy L'Oreal stuff...maybe because their product are so good that they just understands because I'm worth it.
So worth it that they're giving away a CAR WORTH OVER 100K, I mean...I felt so blessed enough if I could even win their RM100 worth of hamper.. But let's imagine riding that 100K worth of car, having time in the world and just sipping on that green tea ( well, I can't drink Alcohol ) Wow! wouldn't that be heaven on earth ?? Starting from 1st of Novemb…

{GIVEAWAY ENDED}Win Loreal White Perfect Total 10; A friendship tag*Dwibahasa AND THE WINNERS ARE....

Hello again! We wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support given..Never thought that this giveaway is going to be a success...but We're glad that we have you girls for support..

So thank you so so much again! We've read each and every comment and felt pretty much rainbows all's super hard to choose cause we love all of them...sigh...

So sorry for not able to choose everyone...but we love your comments thanks
Loretta, Tam Nyet, Aida, Princess Sya, Princess Kenit, Pinku, Yvonne, Merry Phang, Lim, Jenn, Tiong, Jan, Nicole, Sinyee, Bobo, Elliot, Clarence, Natalie, Sherry, Ayi, Bella, Hayley, Pui Kwan, William, Leong, Lee Mee, Angela and Milan...

Phew..we felt like mentioning every participants as a token of appreciation;) Do keep on supporting us

Without further's our 5 pairs of lovely bff's that won!

drum roll please...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congratulations you girls!  Clarence Thew & Natalie Ta…

{Event & Review} Loreal White Perfect Total 10 Tea Party @ Chill X, 1Utama

Hello pretty awesome! We can't believe it's already pass a week of Ramadhan. How fast time flies. Just before Ramadhan, we had been invited by Cassie from Loreal for a tea party. Thanks Cassie! and it's not just a tea party, of course, it's the day we discovered Diana Danielle secret. Her skin doesn't need that much makeup and yet she looks stunning. We arrived a little bit late honestly because it's an unusual Saturday traffic jam. We can't figure out why it's too much jam that day.. Skipping the unimportant part, we safely arrived at Chill X, 1Utama.
Never knew there's a chill X spot there as well. We have to say that blogging is a way for us to experience new place same as knowing new beauty product in town. So ya, of course we gonna have fun. As we enter, there's a photo booth waiting for us. Well, camwhorring is our favorite pastime. Mira showing her skill on poses.  They held a photo contest on that day too. Since, it's a perfect 10 p…

Fun Sunday Outing @ Big Chomp Burger story/ review/ everything else :)

Hello beauties!! Happy Sunday! Isn't it a nice day for an outing?
Look at the blue blue sky...Wish everyday was like this minus the hotness humid weather though...Recently, I had enter a giveaway by &
They held such a massive giveaway that I couldn't resist to give it a try...and well, I won...yeay!although it's only a mystery gift,  It was a lucky day for me because I am always unlucky with giveaway contest,but I guess it's changing:)

In order to claim my prize, I have to be in an awesome event that they are hosting today at Big Chomp Burger. It was a yummy yummy burger place! Big Chomp Burger is at No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia opening from 12pm to 12am you guys!! A little about Big Chomp Burger: the restaurant was quite small but soo's really welcoming and comfortable. You can see at every corner there would be a creative wall collage and stuff. The staff working …