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Derma Roller

So as promise, hundreds needles that goes to your skin and face is Derma Roller!

Last month, there's a few girls reported and when viral after trying on skin care. That girl is like really super pretty before using the skin care but after trying the skin care, the effects is really shocking. People that know me knows that i been using this skin care (i dont think it's appropriate to reveal) for years... Whereby it get me scared  because of the girls that report what happen, I decided to stop using it.. After stopping. One by one pimples keep showing up. And the best part is I always make it better by pop it! Yeay me with full of scars after that. 
I been eyeing Derma Roller for sometimes actually. I mean its needle and hundreds of them ofcoz u will need a long and really hard think right? And i really bad at making decisions but that's what blogger and youtuber here for right? To help u or to help people like me to be exact. 
I am a very logical person. I need logic than o…


Hi peeps,

I know it been ages since you heard from us, or more like my sister and less me..  Since my sis had move on into the marriage life. So i thought like yaa maybe I should try.. I mean why not right? But yaa.. Just telling you guys im not that good with words kinna girl so bare with me? I will try my best. It will be like more pictures less words, but im also not that kinna photogenic kinna girl too. Ohh goshh.. Blogging is hard man. Really respect to those that can do this. Hey teach me please? 
Ohh yana, not good with words end up bebel and no pictures. Sorry🙏🏼. 
okey back to my point of posting this 1st intro konon kinna post, this past few weeks i bern trying this new product which I can't tell u now coz it won't be a suprise (spoiler: its a hundreds of needles that goes to ur face) this product is actually really good but so painful but for beauty.. I mean beauty is pain right? Before i cant stop myself from telling you guys (too excited) let end this here. Stay …