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Beauty Swap: A way to let your vanity travel and How- to guide

Hello pretty awesome!

 I always often dream of doing a beauty swap since I saw in you tube how fun they were. You know I don't get to travel as much as I wish too. So thank you technology that enable me to do beauty swap. I know some of you might not even know what beauty swap is..So let me introduce beauty swap to you first.
Swap is basically like a 'barter' system where you swap your things with someone else. A great even ethical swap should be same in quality and value. In beauty world, we girls or gay guys or guys swap beauty stuff with a corresponding person. A corresponding person can be your friend, your family, a stranger and anybody. Usually, we do beauty swap with a person that lives different country to enable us to discover beauty products from another country. It can be a country that far apart from each other or in your own region. The main concern in doing beauty swap would be the budget and finding legit non- scamming swap partner.
Thanks to my friend Cind…


Hello Beauties! I was approached by someone passing over information on cellphone. I guess there's no harm done in passing over such lovely info aight? As we all know, we all are infected with disease called Nomophobia in a way. What's Nomophobia? It's the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Yes, I am one of them. It took me 5 minutes without my phone, and I would become agitated. The first thing I would do is see my phone. What a geek...LOL... So let us see whats the fact about? Picture courtesy:
Since I've mentioned about IPmart, Let me share my wish list item sells in IPmart by far this is my favorite brand of cam... Nikon always creative and innovative by creating Pink professional camera like Nikon 1. Since being a blogger, I need to take a lot lot of great picture. Currently, I'm using just my Note 2 cam.  Sad, but gotta do what you gotta do,
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