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Perla Coffee Review

Good Day!
Dear readers, thank you for stopping by. As promised, i will blog after i finish the whole box of Perla Coffee that i am currently drinking. 
In my previous post of Perla Coffee i didn't mention the benefits of drinking Perla Coffee, i was assuming everyone already know about it but hey there's no loss in sharing again right?
Perla Coffee is a coffee for : 1.whitening your whole body  2.even your skin tone to treat acne problem problem  5.soften your skin texture. in making your skin more fluffy and flawless. in treating scars in reducing wrinkles and fine line.
and so much more.
*i dont sell this coffee, i just drink it and do review for my readers to help you guys in deciding whether or not to drink.
So honest review, few years back i tried and there a lot of pimple. Now, reason i give myself to try again is because of coffee. since i been working, drinking coffee is a must because i found myself super blur if i dont. I been drinking Nescafe…

perla coffee. Again?

Whatttt? Its already Thursday!!! heyoooo. Ohh guysss im sooooo sooo sorry. Few days have been disaster. Ohh yaa last week i know i didn't post anything because 1. Im sick, 2. Last week its my birthday yoo. Soo happy birthday liyana.

So since i just officially 22 years old last week, i forget that yesterday it's already Wednesday. Thats is why today post will be a combination of Wednesday and Thursday post. Ohh old people problem. Or is it really just me?

If you guys read my last time post, i have tried Perla Coffee and pimple grow on my fort head like mushrooms. But now currently my skin is super dull and i dont know what to doooooo so i tried again. Wuuuuuu. Yeay me? However what i gonna make sure this time is.... i will be extra care with my face to avoid any pimple to grow.

Today is my 7 day of drinking it and... tadaaaaa

No filter taw just for u guys. After i finish the whole box. I will post another one.  The dots is from before drinking it. So hopefully it will be gone b…


hello my beautiful reader!
how is your weekend?

So as promise I will make a review after a month trying Perla Coffee.

so this me before perla.
this is me after perla.

will i continue? no! because too many pimple is too depressing for me,  some said, not everyone will get the same effect . maybe me and perla just cant go together. if u guys wan to try for urself. go ahead! i don't recommend it! but there's nothing wrong trying. hope u will get the best result happy trying!

not to forget, shout out for my dearest bestfriend,  Congrats on ur wedding!  Yanie & Husband <3

xoxo -Y

Perla Coffee.

hello beauty people! is it too early to wish Happy Chinese New Year? just in case we forget,  Happy Chinese New Year! and.... dont forget my ampau ehhh?
so are u a coffee lover? im not! but do u know that now Perla Coffee. is the new intrend? Perla coffee is superb! for those who love coffee. by drinking this, u can also make ur skin super white. dont believe me?
okey lets meet the founder of this superb coffee,
she is superb white rite? dont u just wish u have her skin?
ps, im not selling this superb coffee. but today is my 5th day drinking this coffee. so far, i dont see much diff, but for someone that is not a coffee lover, i love the taste. i just afraid i be addicted to it, and had to buy it again. my intention is just to try for a month. but.. lets see..
the first time i drink this coffee, i had to go to the toilet 3 times and pee.. i dont know is it the coffee it self, or it is just a cold night.   after one month maybe i will do my own testimony.
so my lovely reader! stay tune…