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[OOTD]Baggy Shirt is super comfy!

Good day good looking people!

Happy Thursday. Since my off day is spent at home with family i didn't get to dressup for today post but have no fear! That is what throwback all about right? This time im not all stand up as my previous post.

I know you guys seen this baggy shirt before. This is a my simple + lazy outfit as you can see the nurse at the back means i at the hospital, who dressup at hospital right?  Since its a major throwback, i guess why not i share my gediks pose

Here are details of my outfit and where u can get it; My hijab is gift from my mom (dm her for the info) Baggy shirt is DIY from old shawls that i personally called it tassel (maybe in the future you can get it at the store , my own brand) Padini blue jeans: RM50 on sales Forever21 black flat: RM50
i guess that it for today post.. gonna continue my sleep now. kisses.
See u next Wednesday!