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{REVIEW} Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner in Golden and Galaxy

Hello Pretty Awesome! How's your Raya? I guess Raya mood is still on for me. Hence, pardon me to be a little bit slow on blogging much. One question, are you still looking for an eyeliner that is water- proof, messy- proof and smudge- proof? Well... I've been reviewing this previously and I will say again that it's great! You can totally check out my previous post on Miss Hana Eyeliner here. Of course, we wanna look good on Raya. Hence, trust me, I'll be posting a lot more on Raya. But for now, thanks a bunch to Natta Cosme again for letting me try on another eyeliner from Miss Hana. Shall we recap on why do I love Miss Hana eyeliner so much? it's based on waterproof, oil, concentrated color three demands:
■ Extreme color
■ Gelatinous texture characteristics of the ◎ plastic pen type, stroke smooth, the texture of moderate hardness, ductility, pen design easy to use easy to draw
■ Extremely waterproof removable (taken from
Previously, I have tried Miss …

{GIVEAWAY ENDED}Win Loreal White Perfect Total 10; A friendship tag*Dwibahasa AND THE WINNERS ARE....

Hello again! We wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support given..Never thought that this giveaway is going to be a success...but We're glad that we have you girls for support..

So thank you so so much again! We've read each and every comment and felt pretty much rainbows all's super hard to choose cause we love all of them...sigh...

So sorry for not able to choose everyone...but we love your comments thanks
Loretta, Tam Nyet, Aida, Princess Sya, Princess Kenit, Pinku, Yvonne, Merry Phang, Lim, Jenn, Tiong, Jan, Nicole, Sinyee, Bobo, Elliot, Clarence, Natalie, Sherry, Ayi, Bella, Hayley, Pui Kwan, William, Leong, Lee Mee, Angela and Milan...

Phew..we felt like mentioning every participants as a token of appreciation;) Do keep on supporting us

Without further's our 5 pairs of lovely bff's that won!

drum roll please...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congratulations you girls!  Clarence Thew & Natalie Ta…

{RECIPE} Appam polka dot for amateur

Hello pretty awesome! How have you been? Have you tried the crepe recipe? easy enough right? Today is another recipe day...You know recently I've been trying a lot of easy dessert so hope it's not bothering you that I share it out, promised I'll be posting beauty related stuff soon.

I wanted to try appam polkadot because it's super cute. It's really suitable for fun party as a deco and of course you can eat it... To me, it's not that super yummy dessert but it's cute! so you can't argue with that.

Here's what you'll need, 140 gm plain flour1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder110 gm fine sugar75 mls fresh milk 2 eggs1 teaspoon of ovalette1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essenceFilling as desiredFood coloring30 pcs of baking cups 1.Started of by placing baking cup in a mould, this is to prevent the batter from spreading outwards during steam process. 2. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy. 3. Add plain flour with baking powder (that are sifted together) and fresh milk …