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{TOP 5 tips and items} The OCD traveller in me

"The world is a book,  and those who do not travel read only a page"
Saint Augustine
Hello! Today I'm back with more top 5 of mine. Anyone who knew me, mesti dah tau yang I'm an insane online shopper. Tapi tu dulu, sekarang I'm saving up for my big day. After all, shopping is not a necessity but Shopping is entertainment. Anyway, today post I feel like sharing travelling tips although I tak banyak travel, wish I could though... tapi cuti susah, duit tak cukup. Maybe someday I would be one of those backpackers people. Reality is, I'm an OCD person when it comes to travelling. I hate forgetting to bring something or having to live without thing I would need. Hence, here's a list of top 5 things I think everyone should bring when travelling. BTW, I nak introduce one more great shopping website yang sounds really like another country which is called Rakuten. Memang sounds different pun cause it's actually a Japanese words meaning optimism. I'm embracing …