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{REVIEW} Secret Key to being beautiful

Hai gorgeous! Happy monday!
today i will reviewing the SECRET KEY.
but first let me tell you the benefit of the SECRET KEY. Secret Key is a starting treatment essence for you face that make u forget about your age. It have double the amount of containing active ingredient with double functional in whitening and anti-wrinkle, restore rhythm of the skin, make most and clear skin.
Recommended for : various skin improve by one productwho wan clear skin from insidewho want rapid functional effect from the first step of skin carewho want hypo-allergenic product due to sensitive skinHow to use? Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.

 (please ignore the very serious face)

I've been using Secret Key for two weeks now, I personally love it.
 What I love about it?
-the bottle size - big! means more! love! love! - the texture - it is light and very easy to apply - t…

{REVIEW} Much Cheaper alternative to Cleansing machine; Secret Key Soft Pore Brush

Hello pretty awesome.. Ya.. I know it's been a while...working 4 straight night shift makes me a walking zombie. I can't even do things properly anymore. The life of being a nurse is tough when you're working in a place where you don't really get appreciated. Betul, kadang- kadang rasa fed up dengan load kerja yang melampau. Berblogging nie la cara nk release tension. 
Balik rumah, tengok barang bertimbun untuk review kadang- kadang letih jugak..but playing with beauty stuff is some kind of therapy to my soul other than sleeping of course. Previously, I've been sharing my favorite cleansing machine which are cheaper alternative to Mia . Tau x Mia tu ape? Cube la korang google..idaman setiap beauty blogger kot nk own Mia... Harga dia ja dah separuh harga I- Phone, I xmampu la jawabnye... Thanks to Supermodels Secrets dapat jugakla realisasikan impian by buying cheaper version of Mia..Olay Pro- X kte yg kte sayangi tu..
But I've heard some telling me that Olay P…