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Elianto Warehouse SALES!

Hi People! It is that time of the year again! SALES! Like everywhere SALE! SALE! SALE!
Do you like Makeup? Bags? Perfume? Skincare?
if you say Yes! to all of that... you have to visit;

Elianto is having Warehouse clearance from 2 Dec 2016 until 12 Dec 2016!
I just visit there, so let the pictures and vid do the talking;

Honest review; I have never missed Elianto warehouse sales since 3 years back. Elianto warehouse Sales is actually the only sales i get excited and it have never disappoint me but this time.... the stuff is not as exciting as the past. (or is it just me getting older and matured?) But the price is the kind of price you said to yourself, it won't hurt to buy even tho its not that worth it. 
Eventho i said what i said but i end up spending total of RM85. Oh Women!
But.....It doesn't hurt that much right?
This cute perfume that get me excited! coz it came in a really cute box! and duh it's only RM25 each! you can just wrap it and give to someone. or don't…

Fun Sunday Outing @ Big Chomp Burger story/ review/ everything else :)

Hello beauties!! Happy Sunday! Isn't it a nice day for an outing?
Look at the blue blue sky...Wish everyday was like this minus the hotness humid weather though...Recently, I had enter a giveaway by &
They held such a massive giveaway that I couldn't resist to give it a try...and well, I won...yeay!although it's only a mystery gift,  It was a lucky day for me because I am always unlucky with giveaway contest,but I guess it's changing:)

In order to claim my prize, I have to be in an awesome event that they are hosting today at Big Chomp Burger. It was a yummy yummy burger place! Big Chomp Burger is at No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia opening from 12pm to 12am you guys!! A little about Big Chomp Burger: the restaurant was quite small but soo's really welcoming and comfortable. You can see at every corner there would be a creative wall collage and stuff. The staff working …

Halfest 2013 at MIECC/ Haul.

Hello beauties:) Happy Saturday! I bet almost everyone are out somewhere to have tons of fun. Some may go to the Beauty expo, some might gone to the food fest. It's all running concurrently on the same day! This is totally madness! However, I choose to accompanied my mom to Halfest which is held at MIECC (Mines ,Seri Kembangan).Halal has been the latest trend in food. Doesn't matter if you're Muslim or non- Muslim, I can see that nowadays, everyone and anyone takes Halal as the main criteria in choosing good food or even Beauty Products. Halal means safe and clean in short. When we consume something clean and safe, it would make our digestive system working in optimum manner and makes our stomach comfortable all the time.
 Halfest is mainly an effective platform for company to showcase their products and expand businesses. It is also where, us, as a consumer able to know latest upcoming potential products that is good in quality and value. There are more than 700 booth av…

September Massive Haul!!

Hello beautiful :) It's been a while like usual...and it's almost at the end of the month.
Hence, I figured I'm going to do a massive haul of what I bought throughout September.

Most of the things I bought was kind of a splurge kind of things instead of needs. :) But I'm happy, and that's all matter to me.
This month I think I'm a bit overspending on things that I don't really need but I promise myself to save money the next month...Hopefully I have the strength and will to do so...Since petrol price are going up like crazy what could be more better than to save your money :)
Sometimes I think I'm a shopaholic and I'm scared that I can't control myself to not spend too much on items that are just not worth buying.

Since I already did it...I would like to share with you what I bought this month with no shame and slash a review on some item and some of it will be reviewed on the next post :). and PS :some of it was my mom who 'belanja'. th…