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{REVIEW} The Balm: FratBoy Shadow/ Blush

Hello pretty awesome! Another simple review for today. This is another favorite from my last beauty swap. Have you heard of The Balm? If you're a makeup 'obsessor' like me, I bet you'll love The Balm. I always wanted one but never had them. In Malaysia, I considered The Balm to be quite a high end brand since it's pretty much pricey compared to other brand. But who can blame them for being pricey when clearly they are so irresistibly charming with the packaging design and the quality. I especially love the vintagey graphic on all their packaging. Wishing that The Balm will be wide in Malaysia someday.
Thanks to my swap partner, I got to taste the best of The Balm. Frat Boy shadow/blush by The Balm is obviously for your eyes and cheek. The packaging are made from hard paper which is really light to carry. And as I mention before, I love the packaging graphic which is totally old school. With just one swipe you can already see that pigmented salmon pink. I've us…

{REVIEW} Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude/ Natural

Hello pretty awesome! Quite recent product review I've posted is an item that I got from my swap. and today, is another product review that I got from my beauty swap. Okay okay, promise this is the last item to brag about. Like The Balm, Physicians formula is another brand that is on top of my wishlist. In overseas, Physicians formula is considered a prestige drug store brand since they made so many high quality makeup. Whereas in Malaysia, Physicians formula still hasn't make it in our local drugstore but you may find them in few online shop. I first know about Physicians formula through a beauty youtuber based in US. Right away, I can tell that this is an awesome product as they claim that.. (taken from Physician Formula official website) Only from Physicians Formula can you find the latest,
innovative products made especially for sensitive skinIt all began as a gift of love.He was an eminent allergist. She had sensitive skin. When Dr. Frank Crandall created a unique line of …

{REVIEW} BH COSMETICS: Take me to Brazil Palette

Hello Beauties! Have you entered my giveaway? I'm announcing soon.. It's pretty easy, all you need to do is comment why you love makeup? I really wanted to know an honest real girl to girl answers. Basically, the love for beauty has been inside us female, it's pretty much natural to love beautiful things. It's just the way we love would be different. Some love makeup and some just love fashion. Some might not love the obvious beauty. But they love inner beauty. Being calm, poise and passionate. It's all about Beauty baby! And why I love makeup? Confidence booster! Makeup doesn't have to be sexy or super seductive. Makeup is enough when you feel nice and neat. Together with great makeup, of course, your attitude need the makeup as well.
Cutting all the crap, today I'm gonna review another palette I bought. It's the BH Cosmetics: Take Me to Brazil palette. In Malaysia, BH Cometics are not available in stores. Hence we have to shop online. Thanks to my fr…