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Women's Day; Ikal mayang

Hello readers!   I dont know either im late or not. I dont care! I still wanna wish
happy women day! Women day is everyday not just a day rite girls?
So how do u spend ur women day? Shopping? Hangout with la girls?
My day are spent very well! Thankyou to Citi Bank, and also GSC for free movie pass for Ikal Mayang. and not to forget my friend, which is known as iqa too the one that invite me, THANKYOU!

Ikal Mayang is actually not a movie. Or atleast i think it is not. Or i just super confius. In ikal mayang it have more than 10 short film. And all of it, are about women. Well it is women's day rite?
I remember one short film called khalilah, i think laa.. i really have short memory. It is about a girl nowadays. Always wakeup late, cannot cook, cannot cut onion without crying. I actually remember this short film because....... i can relate.... 
after the movie finish showing, it also have a Q&A session. All the producers came to answer our question. But most importantly is that …