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{JOM JALAN2 JUMAAT} Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia Sale Murah Giless

Salam, Hello! and so I decided to do another day in blog sbb rase cam seronok lak share2 bende2 kat orang... Sharing is caring and caring is nurse, nurse is me...Ok melalut sangat...Actually bende ni dah lame nak share tapi sebab dah terbantut niat pas tinggalkan blog bersarang. Since adik dah rajin sikit nk take over, kite join je ler..layankan aje...

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia dah lame wujud dan habis tapi memandangkan sale final die tengah on kat The School , Jaya One PJ sampai 18 nie je,rase cam nak citer pengalaman ke sana.Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia dorang buat kat Viva Home Area Cheras. Harga tiket quite expensive since nak masuk tu just untuk tengok2 je. Tapi sebab Hello Kitty punye pasal ape pun bole. Masuk dalam Hello Kitty Go Around dorang bagi tag Hello Kitty sorang satu pastu buy 2 tiket free 1 cenderahati, pastu masok2 ad stesen photobooth yang comel sangat sbb ad kitty ats merry go round. but camera sendiri diharamkan kat area tuh sebab at the end akan ada satu …

Hello Kitty and Beauty stuff

Hello yg gojes lagi cantik dan comel! Today is a random post of mine where I share my memorable moment with Supermodel's secrets video making . If you've seen their insta and also my IG, I have posted this video of me showing of the teeth whitening product.

Well, I think Supermodel's secrets did a really great job capturing and editing the video as I was so awkward that day.  I'm officially going to be slowing down on being a beauty blogger since I'm planning for my wedding this year. It's such a sad decision to do that, but I don't think I can keep up having to review products and stuff. Well, I am still going to do blogging just not as much and certainly not so much on beauty...I might be sharing my wedding journey anytime soon though. Although 6 months might seems like a lot of time to be planning, I doubt it would go smoothly if I just sat quietly for it to happen. Enough about me, Today I specifically wanted to share my experience in Supermodel's …