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Pinkboxcereal x Hermosa Limited Edition

Hi dolls!
ohh goshh! i am super excited to post this! If you followed pinkboxcereal, you know she uses Hermosa product in almost every of her video. make you just wanna buy one kn? So typically women i am, i got myself both Pinkboxceral x Hermosa Limited Edition Lip Cream in shade "hey, dolls!" and Cleansing Water that we all know she dear so much (coz she use it all the time).

We all know pinkboxcereal will start every post with "hey, dolls!". I personally think this is just too cute! and remind me of her every time i read this. so what so special about this lip cream? 1. it is Limited Edition! - we all love every thing that is limited. and it has :
- Hydrating - Conditioning - Contains Vitamin E - EXTRA Collagen - Long lasting - Full coverage - Matte Finishing - VANILLA FLAVOR - Smudge Proof
So like why not add another to the collection right?

and it smells like chocolate! legit Cadbury chocolate. but i don't know whether it is edible or not, obviously i won…

2017 Wish List to become a professional Blogger and maybe a youtuber?

Good Day!

For 2017, new year, new resolution, new me!
So for this year, my resolution is to be a professional blogger and maybe future youtuber?
Let see... what do I need to be a professional blogger? And future YouTuber maybe? A good quality pictures and video right? No more using your iPhone! Or stop using ur brother camera, he bought it not for you to use.. duhhhh.
5 Wish List for the 2017; 1.Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera
Ofcoz it have to be mirrorless, coz im just like any normal girls, a selfie freak! 
2. Memory Card;
Every camera need memory card, but for my case, i need a lot of memory card. So.... duhhh
Next? Good lighting  make a good quality photos and videos right? Good quality equal to more reader and viewer! kn? kn? kn? Means I need a Light! 3. Ring Light
Let's check,  camera + memory ✔️ Lighting ✔️
Since i dont have my own photographer..........but OOTD post is a must means tripod is must! so.... 4.Tripod
Ootd post is compulsory so cool backgrounds is must have! Do…

[OOTD]Thursday post suprise!

Hi peeps!

been thinking.... I thought, why not, right? 
Ohhh women with the thinking and the why not... Women will always be a women.
so let me get to the point, Okey this is still in planning, not confirmed but yaa
So I decide since i only post on Wednesday for stuff. I decide every Thursday is my ootd post. i know some with be saying, hey i can see your ugly ootd on your instagram. But hey! Thanks for following me on insta but hi i also wan to post it here because it my blog and thnkyou for stopping by and read my blog hope to see you again every Wednesday and Thursday 😊 
So here goes my first ootd for today;

My ootd is from; Shawls: RM10 shawl from downtown cheras blouse: RM40 insta shop @faithsisters_  Palazzo: RM47 insta shop @shirt_on_factory My everyday flat: cant recall how much from forever21 Oh my bag that is hiding behind me is from Aldo

Yup i don't spend much for my outfit. And i dont care about the brand. For me I rather want something that is beautiful than somethin…

{TOP 5 tips and items} Confessions of an online shopaholics

Hello! I have a confession to make..or you already know? I'm kind of a borderline online shopper addict..If you have read my past entry, I just love to buy stuff at bargain price..especially online...sometimes shopping online is much easier and soo much cheaper yet fussy free. My boyfriend on the other hand is a 'see it to believe it' kind of shopper. Hence, he's against me buying stuff online but he just doesn't know the wonders of online window shopping. For you boys out there whom are exactly like my boyfriend, try to look on a bright side; you should be relieved that your girlfriend is an online shopper instead of a shopping mall shopper because (I just came up with few logic reason) a) It's safer especially compared to shopping in an area that are so many robbery and bad people b) It's fuel saving. Just think about having to drive over here and there and also being stuck in jam c) It's kind of less distracting, If you're the type of guy who hate w…

{REVIEW} CHOCOLATE FOAM! Chocolate that won't make you fat

Hi pretty!
Are you a chocolate lover? Have you ever felt like you can't live without chocolate? or a day without chocolate is like a day without sun?
If you do, I have the answer for you! and this chocolate is good for you.
Why? -the smell will make you very happy. -it is good for your skin. 
It have 7 function system. 1.Pore Care 2. Dead Skin Cell 3. Trouble Care 4. Make Up Remover 5. Sebum Oil Control 6. Skin Improvement 7. Moisturizing. Nutrient and also,  -it wont make you fat! trust me!
Ohh yaa, it is not for eating purpose. It is a cleansing foam for your skin.  This is the Zamian Clear Foam Cleansing. It smells like chocolate. It taste like? I'm not sure. I won't dare to taste though.
It even look like a chocolate. But please girls, or guys, don't eat it. Bare your self!
but when u apply it, it will became soapy and so nice.
I've been using it now for 3 weeks I guess. so far, there's no bad dramatic reaction. I do love it. because after applying it I can feel that …

{REVIEW} Yummy chocolate for your face

Well, hello there pretty awesome! Salam.
I've been dying to review this for the longest time cause this is like my favorite type of sweets in the world.  Guess what? It's chocolate..  If you were to choose only one sweets to exist in the world would it be chocolate? Cause it would be my choice.
So here,s a fun mask that for all chocolate lovers. Another Korean most talk about beauty product called
Zamian Gold Cacao Mask. Yup, you heard me Gold and Chocolate all in one mask. Yummy right? Contain 99.9 gold powder,aloe extract, cacao powder, collagen. I can't tell you how amazed I knowing the ingredients inside. The combination of gold and chocolate makes me excite even my sister and mom gets excite and we had a little facial party using this mask. When it spreads you can see that gold shimmery mix with chocolate.
How to?
Put a good amount of chocolate on the back of your palm. Sorry for that sleepy face.
 Use hands or brush to spread it out.
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes while doin…

{Random & SALE & HAUL} Biggest monthly haul Voir Warehouse Sale/ Halfest/ Hijabster Fest 14

Hello pretty awesome! Raise your hands if you’ve been to Halfest?? too…what did you buy? For some whom may not know, I did cover the event last year and this year I’m back again. But, I’m not gonna go in details cause I just wanna share my huge massive September haul. Not all of them I bought in Halfest but I’ve gone crazy with shopping this month…
Halfest is short for Halal Fest. It basically showcased every product in Malaysia and even worldwide that are Halal. And when we say Halal, doesn't mean just food.  It can be anything from food to beauty products to financial package. Halal means much much more than just safe to eat in terms of ingredients. But the process of producing it, must be hygienic, safe and no hidden agenda. Same goes to financial package. Hidden charges are not Halal or as we called it non- sharia compliance. Halal is something you can use without a doubt, trust with all you hearts and gain full benefits out of it. It’s not a weird and awkward thing a…