Pinkboxcereal x Hermosa Limited Edition

Hi dolls!

ohh goshh! i am super excited to post this! If you followed pinkboxcereal, you know she uses Hermosa product in almost every of her video. make you just wanna buy one kn? So typically women i am, i got myself both Pinkboxceral x Hermosa Limited Edition Lip Cream in shade "hey, dolls!" and Cleansing Water that we all know she dear so much (coz she use it all the time).

We all know pinkboxcereal will start every post with "hey, dolls!". I personally think this is just too cute! and remind me of her every time i read this. so what so special about this lip cream?
1. it is Limited Edition! - we all love every thing that is limited.
and it has :

- Hydrating
- Conditioning
- Contains Vitamin E
- EXTRA Collagen
- Long lasting
- Full coverage
- Matte Finishing
- Smudge Proof

So like why not add another to the collection right?

and it smells like chocolate! legit Cadbury chocolate. but i don't know whether it is edible or not, obviously i won't advise you too. if you may have lick it a bit, share with us please how does it taste and how are you after tasting it. 😂

BTW, this is only RM45! 

i have been eyeing Hermosa cleansing water since i followed pinkboxcereal, she goes on and on about how good is this product. Since i started wearing heavy makeup, after makeup is the most important skin care ever. You dont wan to leave any of your makeup overnight. Your face will breakout. Seriously. But to find the right makeup remover is actually harder than you think, coz most of makeup remover have a bit of oil, which make ur face more oily and harder to clean. This Pinkboxceral x Hermosa is just sooo good!
 - Contains NO soap, NO oil and NO alcohol

- Gentle yet thoroughly sweeps makeup away without stripping away skin’s natural moisture

- Its soothing botanical ingredients, including ARGAN, ALOE VERA and CHAMOMILE will help to hydrate, comfort, and add radiance to the skin

- Leaves the skin purified and toned right after usage

Here a short vid to show you!;

Oh it is only RM55!

You can get yours at 


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