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[OOTD] can't move on.....

Good Day!
Hi peeps!
Since this is my 1st OOTD for this year, 1 last picture from 2016 won't hurt right?

OOTD for today is fully DIY.
Location: Melaka
Story behind this ugly happy face of mine that the person who took this photo,once break my heart into million pieces, but had also put it back into one. 
You'll never appreciate what you had once its gone. You'll never know he's your angel when you  meet the devil. It breaks my Ego to say this but hey you, if you read this.. which i know u won't, but Thank You for always being there. 
Goodbye Love,

[OOTD] Wear it with confident.

Good Day!
Happy Thursday! So today OOTD post is as promised
Hijab - My Usual place Less RM20. TEE - Cotton On 2 for RM100 Jeans - H&M RM50 (SALE) Heels - ChrstyNg RM150  Sony Camera - Abang's (borrowed) *need to buy my own* Bag - Michael Kors RM60 (Petaling Street)
Place: Rooftop @ Capri Hotel.

[OOTD] hijab style for night hangout.

Good Day!
Today OOTD post is my Outfit to the playboy event.
If you follow me on instagram i know u have seen this OOTD post and also The JacknJill event OOTD post, but today lets not get too greedy one OOTD for one post yaa? Stay Tune for next OOTD post on Thursday for the OOTD on JacknJill okey?

Theme: Casual. coz the event was at Zouk Club, KL.
Mustard Hijab : @downtown RM15. match with DIY cardigan from old pashmina, inner ofcoz and the most comfortable Wedges from XES. Bootcut Jeans: instashop @shirt_on_factory RM55
Thank You to the most annoying king that night for taking my picture. Which have to take hundreds of them because he just really bad at it but still Thank You and YOU! Yes You! that is reading my post, Thank You for dropping by. Hope to see you again on my next post?
Till we meet again.  Kisses. YR

[OOTD]Baggy Shirt is super comfy!

Good day good looking people!

Happy Thursday. Since my off day is spent at home with family i didn't get to dressup for today post but have no fear! That is what throwback all about right? This time im not all stand up as my previous post.

I know you guys seen this baggy shirt before. This is a my simple + lazy outfit as you can see the nurse at the back means i at the hospital, who dressup at hospital right?  Since its a major throwback, i guess why not i share my gediks pose

Here are details of my outfit and where u can get it; My hijab is gift from my mom (dm her for the info) Baggy shirt is DIY from old shawls that i personally called it tassel (maybe in the future you can get it at the store , my own brand) Padini blue jeans: RM50 on sales Forever21 black flat: RM50
i guess that it for today post.. gonna continue my sleep now. kisses.
See u next Wednesday!

[OOTD]Colour coordinate hijab style

Good day!

Happy Thursday! 
Thank you for dropping by, today post is an OOTD post. Hope you like it. 
Since now the trend of colour coordinate is up back so i thought of sharing with u guys my colour coordinate OOTD.

I am a fan of dull colour such as nude colour as u can see above coz dull colour give you the innocent  look and  make u look as if like a very soft person (which i dont think i am). So here are the things i wear;
1.hijab: RM10 downtown  2. Kimono wrap - MIM(Made It Myself) 3.palazo from +Calacara Boutique 4.heels wedges : XES shoes 5. Watch: +Obaku Denmark Watches
Hope you like it! See you on next post! Bye for now. Kisses. 

[OOTD]How to look tall (for short girl)

Good Day!

Hi. Hope you having a good day and Thank You for stopping by. If you new to our blog, today is Thursday, which mean today post is OOTD post. 
If you guys read the Headline, this is strictly for short girls only! like me. tall girl please laa give us short girl chance to look tall like you. 
So how do I make my self look tall? take note i only 156 cm tall only. 

heels & boot-cut jeans is the key! oh and ofcoz dont forget your confident too.
things i wear and where can u get it too: Hijab: Masjid Jamek for RM10 T-shirt: Cotton On, 2 for RM80 Boot Cut Jeans: insta shop @shirt_on_factory for RM55 Heels from XES
*patiently waiting for XES event again. always in love with their shoes. their heels never ever hurt my feet which i love so so much!
I guess thats all for today post! See you next Wednesday? YR

[OOTD]Comfortable yet classy.

Hey guyss! Happy Thursday! So as promised, my yesterday's ootd; 

How to keep it classy yet super comfortable? Wear a palazzo. Better yet nude palazzo. Which is super comfy but still look classy and its rhymes duhh
My palazzo is from +Calacara Boutique where i got at the sale time for only rm100 for 3 item. Baggy shirt is from an old pashmina from turkey and DIY to whatever u see as above. Hijab i got it as gift from my mother<3 That beautiful cute bag is a gift for my birthday from my mother's friend (which i call sometimes "mak angkat") The ring (dont know if u can see it) its from a friend from work which also for my birthday, simple but yet it is so me.  Lastly, flats, old flat from +Forever 21 for only RM50.
I am so not a fashion advisor but i really love to be one. Hahahha. Or even so a model? Ohh keep dreaming liyana.  Okey guys hope you love my short and simple post! 
More than happy to hear from u guys what do u think of my look? Yeay? Nay? Comments below…

[OOTD]Major throwback

Hi peeps! Sorry with the really late post. Not feeling very well today. Typical Liyana, mase off mmg suke sakit. Truly apologies, to those that followed me on insta you guys know this picture is super old like me, but hey.... i hope you like it?

My hijab from masjid jamek rm10, Long cardigan i made it myself.  Palazo from calacara, which i get at the time of promotion 3 for rm100. And my old flat. (Need to buy new flat)

I guess thats it from me. Sorry again, im not feeling very well. 

See youu next week!

Easy Raya Shopping with

Hello pretty awesome! I know, all of you girls already know don't you? But, how many of you really shop there? I'm here to admit it's my first time shopping in Thanks to Zalora itself for the opportunity! After three days of ordering, I got my item already...tehee... I know my choice of item is a little bit ordinary. But I love it soo much.  See, it's not so bad right? This is the type of platform loafers that I was looking for. 7 inch and flat. This is definitely a comfy shoes to walk in and plus it give me height. BTW, black already sold out. You can look for Choc- O- Latte brand for white and salmon color if you want this too.
And this is another item that I choose from Zalora which already sold out too.  I'm looking for an everyday bag but you can also put on with crazy outfit look because it has two sides. One plain and one with orange tassels. Don't you think it's awesome?
I just wanna say that I think shopping at is gr…