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{REVIEW} Super comfy contact lens from Supermodels Secrets & Safety tips

Hello pretty awesome! I'm going to post a Raya entry soon! Yay or nay? I'm gonna share with you girls another secret of mine for big dolly eyes!
I have talked about contact lens before and that was high end brand. You may expect a little bit expensive lens if you shop there. Frankly, I'm scared of super cheap contact lens cause I heard many bad tragedy happen to random people. Before that, I don't care much about it. I even wore pasar malam cheap lens brand. Not to say all pasar malam brand can't be trusted. It's just that you have to be smart in choosing the right one. I say it once and again. Beauty does not mean you have to suffer.
Thanks to Supermodels Secrets, I found new favorite contact lens.  They are just adorable super sweet shop I ever known.
As claimed by SS, they are 100% originally from Korea and you can expect cute dolly eyes wearing them. Mine is in grey. They have quite few colored lens that you can choose from and plenty of pow…

{REVIEW} Snow White Milky Pack by Secret Key

Hello pretty awesome! Raise your hands if you're still looking for a whitening product. Well, then welcome on board. Frankly I'm scared of any whitening products because of unknown chemical contents and I've been talking about it on off. But today, here's a whitening product that gives you not one not two but FIVE FREE SYSTEM! It's  Free Mineral Oil, Free Phenoxy Ethanol, Free Benzopheno, Free Parabens and Free Pigment. You can bet that it's safe and effective so that you can become the Snow White you always wanted to be. Now, ignore my not so great drawing and focus on important stuff. Established in 2006, SecretKey has developed so many high quality products that are well know. One of it is this Snow White Milky Pack which contains Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide ( Vitamin B3) and Snail Extract that is important in whitening and moisturizing too. The packaging alone attracts me right away. Snow White Milky Pack is actually recommended for someone cheerless and …