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Butterfly Birthday Party x Jerlynn'L

Hello butterfly!
On 29 April 2017, we had the bestest time ever at The Deer. bonding with all the butterfly, food! and ofcoz we had so much fun learning about Jerlynn'L product.
Here an inside about Jerlynn'L product;
Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird that spends a lot of it time away from the family to search a safe place to build for it's family nest. The father wan the best for it's family. Like Jerlynn'L was created by a father that wanted the best for his family. He wanted to create something that can protect and provide daily care product for his precious children which he realise the best way to protect and care for his children was creating quality, customised child-safe and paraben free products. 
Jerlynn'L is suitable for all age group. It is actually a complete family product that is soft enough for the babies and rich enough for the adults. Jerlynn'L only uses natural ingredients which is paraben free, high grade essential oil …

Bertemu jodoh dengan Ephyra Skin Bar (mesti baca!)

Hi Assalammualaikum. Dah lama rasanya tak blogging. Maaf lah ye.. Sibuk pakai PC dok design artwork sendiri untuk wedding. I memang cerewet sikit bab design- design ni. Takut upah orang nanti orang menyampah  dok itu ini tak kena. Hihi...Pejam celik pejam celik, tak sangka dah 1 per 3 bulan puasa kita lalui...Ya Allah sekejap sangat. Tak sempat lagi jejak kaki kat mana- mana bazaar Ramadhan. Syoknya kalau dapat tawaf satu round. Tapi takut plak nafsu membeli tu melampau sangat. Nak raya lagi, nak kahwin lagi, semua nafsu syaiton bab shopping.
Harini eksaited nak kabor yang I dah bertemu jodoh skin care iaitu Ephyra Skin bar. Bila orang cakap pasal jodoh tu maksudnya selama- lamanya tau...Sebagai Beauty Blogger, I tak boleh tipu, I dah banyak gila cuba produk- produk skin care. Dan kalau boleh I tak suka la promote2 fake, ckp produk itu ini bagus sedangkan tak bagus manapun... Tapi kali ni I memang ikhlas nak share produk yang bagus. Tapi...baca sampai habis kalau nak tau kenapa I cak…

Babeskin came up with whitening soap and double serum

I review lagi satu sabun pemutihan...sorry lah kepada reader- reader yang selalu tengok muka I je keluar kat blog...mana Yana? Jangan tanyala..masing- masing busy..tak boleh nak paksa partner it has to be me alone...Blogging ni kena datang as a passion even writing kena ada mood, baru the thing that we write can engage with people. I guess some just take it as simply, words on pages. I'll try to keep on updating though...
Kalau you guys pernah browse to my blog, mesti you pernah nampak I review a produk by Babeskin. Beautyoat is kind of beauty innovation if you ask me sebab tak ada lagi produk Malaysia yang incooperate oat dengan collagen. Memang bagus produk dia. Just that I wish I can drink it continuously. Susah nak jumpa produk kecantikan yang bagus tapi harga murah gila. Tapi bila Babeskin ada produk baru why not I cuba dulu kan? Mesti setanding dengan produk keluaran pertama diorang.
So, tunggu punya tunggu, sampaipun barang pos berisi sabun dan serum…

{REVIEW & SELLING} Soap that gives me miracle?? The Alpha Arbutin Soap Double by Labdee. Memang berkesan xtipu

Hello pretty awesome! Happy Friday! Yeay..It's already coming to weekend I swear time passed by so fast and faster...don't you think so??
Yesterday, I shared on how I encounter the pimples manifestation and today, I would love to share with you, my lovely reader and friends the cleanser I use ( as you already read on title). Honestly, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 'online product' 'Thailand product' and stuff. You know how they produce something in large quantity and so many fakes out there. But one month ago, I was soo desperate on healing my hideous- hideous scar that suddenly I decided to try this Labdee; Thailand Alpha Arbutin Soap dengan terbuka hati..(padahal xtahan tgok kotak die yg color pink and comel)
Alhamdulillah after one month, I'm happy to say that it works on me quite well. On the left is a photo of me on my first week of using the soap and the right is a month and so using the soap. I didn't have a photo of me before using …

{REVIEW} Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Awesome? Have you heard of Tokyo Love Soap? If you're looking for a perfect complexion product, this is where you stop looking. I'm always on the look for perfect complexion product but it has to met criteria like easy usage, affordable, safe to use and of course, effective
Beauty products can be dangerous especially through consuming. I learn this through time especially working in medical line. I've seen patient suffers from liver failure, kidney failure and worst, multi- organ failure from consuming certain beauty products. As consumer, being smart is everything. Like I said before, being beautiful is not about making yourself hurt. You see, most product has chemical inside even when it states natural, preservatives is one type of chemical. In order to keep a certain product last longer, chemical have to be add on. However, small amount of chemical is harmless but in large and constant amount would be very harmful. That's w…