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{REVIEW AND COMPARE} NexCare Acne Patch and MiaCare Acne Patch which I think is better?PS: Gross pictures inside

Hello pretty awesome..Recently I've been suffering a lot from pimples infestation. I'm not sure what did I do wrong to have so many growing on my face. Personally, as I learn through experience, my pimples start popping up when I'm having my menses probably because of hormone imbalance. Or when I work night shift, when I'm sleep and when I don't properly wash my makeup. Some says that if you eat a lot of chocolate and nuts, you're prone to acne. It's actually kind of a myth but in reality it's sometimes true for some. I'm still lucky that I don't get any when I eat chocolate. I would be devastated to not be able to eat chocolate for beauty reason.
Well, the reason behinds acne growing would be different in all of us but the most hated part of having acne is that black dark acne marks you'll get after your acne have been gone. It frustrating to see that acne marks on my face and it's lot. However, I found a solution to these which I will…

{REVIEW} Fairy Whitez: As white as snow and as beauty as the queen.

Hello pretty awesome! Past few months I've been reviewing Fairy Blossom. Yes, I've been raving about it on my post..Sadly few weeks after stopping those drinks, I find myself having hormonal imbalance as my pimples starts to pop up everywhere, especially during menses and at the chin area. Yikes! After that terrible experience, I stop taking any hormonal drinks and focuses on Collagen and Gluta content. In my understanding, both are significantly important as both helps in beautified skin. Hopefully.. 
This is Fairy Whitez made from Fairy Beauty line believes in Homeopathic Remedies mainly uses of natural ingredients.
Yes, I'm triggered to try Fairy Beauty as it promise 'Magical Results in 4 weeks! I'm also convinced that this drink is safe as all the accreditation that have been given.
FYI: Special Awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty (女人我最大), Mina and ViVi magazines. If for Fairy Blossom I woul…