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Perla Coffee.

hello beauty people! is it too early to wish Happy Chinese New Year? just in case we forget,  Happy Chinese New Year! and.... dont forget my ampau ehhh?
so are u a coffee lover? im not! but do u know that now Perla Coffee. is the new intrend? Perla coffee is superb! for those who love coffee. by drinking this, u can also make ur skin super white. dont believe me?
okey lets meet the founder of this superb coffee,
she is superb white rite? dont u just wish u have her skin?
ps, im not selling this superb coffee. but today is my 5th day drinking this coffee. so far, i dont see much diff, but for someone that is not a coffee lover, i love the taste. i just afraid i be addicted to it, and had to buy it again. my intention is just to try for a month. but.. lets see..
the first time i drink this coffee, i had to go to the toilet 3 times and pee.. i dont know is it the coffee it self, or it is just a cold night.   after one month maybe i will do my own testimony.
so my lovely reader! stay tune…

{REVIEW} Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

Hello beauties, as promised, I wanna post a review on this palette....Some of you girls might know that I got this as a bday present from my lil sis...Thanks sis! This palette has been on my wishlist since going to Sephora because it has everything I ever wanted...a little of everything for your face...weee...

Wanna know is it good or is it not? Be sure to wait till the end.
Basically, the Sephora Makeup Palette are as big as a novel but as light as a paper bag kot...worth RM150++ at any Sephora boutique...Upon your purchase you could also get Sephora White member card..infact any of your purchase will entitle you to Sephora White card..The box are just a simple black box design with some makeup looks ideas printed on it. As you open, there's a fold in mirror and design stairs of every color you could wish for. There are : 72 eye shadows 1 lip primer 28 lip glosses 18 eye liners 3 concealers 7 blushes and 1 eye primer...
phew...a lot to take in right? it's a total of 130 palet…

My movie datenight LONE SURVIVOR + MBO ALLSTAR

Hello beauties, happy holiday!!how's your day today?? Hope you're having a blast...entry harinie nk campur2 language bole x? Asyik2 ckp org puteh jemu la plak...entry arinie santai je...nk cite2 kedai kopi je...bkn beauty entry pun...

So smalam I went for a movie datenight with my boyfie...Since today die nk pergi jauh for a week...nk spend quality time la konon...i n him jarang berjauhan since we both stayed in KL...walaupun jarak antara rumah kami about 20mins away...quite far jugak....seems like so near sbb slalu mkn same and he is type which like to spoil me....seriously...he hate letting me go out for meal by myself...or going for anything alone infact...cmne nk kurus kalau asyik kene treat mcm princess...ish2..but i like that though sbb da trauma dgn kejadian2 lampau...

So back to the story....since die nk pergi jauh for a week...I let him choose movie he wanna watch...usually i would pick the movie...because
a: taste movie die xabis2 action
b: taste kwn2 die pow…

4u2 Envy Halo Concealer and Highlighter

Hello beauties, today short post is review on a new concealer I bought in Concealer is an important makeup component to hide all the ugliness on your face especially your redness and acne scar.
The concealer I decided to try on this time is by 4U2 Envy line called Halo.
The best thing about Halo is that it came with Highlighter on top which is pretty much a great deal. To compare, I have smudge the concealer on my hand alongside with two other brand concealer. This concealer is not too liquid or too creamy. The consistency are just right and easy to apply. I has medium coverage which to me is good for a day outing so it seems natural but not for photo shooting. As your can see a bit of flaws applying this concealer.
Worth RM23.90 is a great deal as it also include highlighter. Doesn't last for long period of makeup time. Easily crease over time. However, it is suitable for someone whom like to try concealer for the first time.
Click on the link to purchase now! http://ww…

{REVIEW} Cerro Qreen makeup brushes @NattaCosme +Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial.

Hello beauties! How's your day??Me? I'm sick...but I couldn't think of any other way to spend my sick day than to write up a post...Blogging is actually somehow a therapy..where you sit down and think properly what you write about...and after a long hours of picture editing, thinking, searching and typing, publishing would be so much more rewarding...'m excited to post this up...3 days ago, it was my birthday...and I'm so happy and feel loved that my sis bought me a Sephora Makeup Academy Palette which I will do a review soon! but today...Let me introduce you to a makeup brushes Cerro Qreen. This post are so much fun as I decided to do makeup on my sis using all the Cerro Qreen brushes. I always love makeup but didn't have the guts to do makeup on anyone else beside myself...even some of my friend do ask me to do their makeup...and I will always refused..However, I wanna challenge myself and hopefully I could be a part time makeup artist in the ne…