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VS Lip Glow Review [vid]

Hi peeps! Here a really short and honest review for VS Lip Glow.
I really loveeee this lip glow/lip-balm!!!
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[Event] Huna x Tanimshah Cosmetics Lip matte launched

Hi Peeps!
So today i will be sharing with you guys, on @tasnimshah_19 years old women that just launched her own Premium Lip-matte. If you an Instagram addict like me, you will definitely know her as she is one of the very known "Insta Famous", not only an "Insta Famous", she also a muslimah model and now an entrepreneur. 

Collaborating with the famous local brand Huna ,Tasnimshah Cosmetics had to introduce the new Premium Lip Matte that used only quality argan oil as it main ingredient is offering 3 range of colour; Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia and Burj Khalifa.

Other that rich with vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, Premium Lip Matte also contain ‘asam lemak’ essential that have high antioxidant. Moreover, the argan oil in the lip matte will also help in exfoliation process that leave our lips more beautiful and healthy. I have never come across such lip matte. So yes! no more flaky lips!
In continuous usage of the Premium Lip Matte will give your lips more moisturize, fresh …

Are you OBSESS with OBSESS? Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick

Good Day!
Hi girls!
So... Are you Obsessed with OBSESS Cosmetics? coz if you do, you will for sure love the LIMITED Edition Nuex Rosli x Syedewa Liquid Lipstick!!!

NR- Nuex Rosli SD- Syedewa
If you guys don't know who is Nuex Rosli  and Syedewa, do u even love makeup? like seriously? 😆 okey kidding! Nuex Rosli and Syedewa is the current famous MakeUp Artist (MUA). who ever they touch, just look amazing! can they please makeup me? for free? i cannot afford you guysss. me is so sad!
Nuex Rosli & Syedewa personally pick the color. As Neux Rosli said he like colour that have colour, that is shown obviously that she is wearing one. but for Syedewa, he like it like Warda look, more natural. For me personally, i love them both and i'm sure u will love it too!
ohh wait if you love these two color, you will definitely the others too;

04- Lolipop 05- Nutella 02- Marshmallow  06- Bubblegum 
Here a short vid of me wearing all of it;

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RM500 for makeup? Seriously?

Good Day!
Eh hi we meet again i guess? but still Thank You for dropping by. (pretending people actually visit my lame blog) So sad. Life have to go on....

For those that love makeup RM500 is actually nothing for makeup. However for me...... i sucks at makeup, like seriously sucks that I never experience my makeup on fleek, it either too dark or too light, just never in between.

As promised on the last post that i will share with you guys on what i spent on the RM500 cash voucher for Parkson from Nescafe Tarik event but before you judge, just remember Im just like any other women that love makeup but dont actually makeup that much. So that's why i bought this, really! because its natural look and actually help in healing my ugly skin. (which actually need more than this, but this is good for now)
Things i bought; oh its only RM471.80 because I gave my friend RM100. I paid for both shizens first for RM389 and i got another RM50 voucher. Now Parkson are giving away voucher if you sp…

{REVIEW & TUTORIAL} Natural- born Lip Balm Crayon & How to create fuller bigger kissable lips

Hello hello pretty awesome! So I bet everyone have been reviewing this and I'm like the almost last person to blog about it...

Oh ya..BTW, Happy Belated Malaysia Day...Hope it's not too late for me to wish...I thought of posting yesterday but been busy dating and movies watching...Since it's Malaysia Day,at the beginning of movie, TGV or I think every cinema played National Anthem in order to pay respect..And I COULD NOT BELIEVE that there's still rude people that doesn't stand to that and sitting beside me...I wouldn't hurt for her to stand right? This lady just sit there and crossed her leg even when I look at her, she doesn't even budge a little and what's more annoying is that her son can stand properly beside her and she decides to JUST SIT...hye, this is totally not a racist issue but ATTITUDE PROBLEM..I could not say anything at that time but I felt like really angry towards her and letting this anger out here..even if she did not have…

{REVIEW} CLIO Professional Virgin Kiss Lipnicure + Maleficent X CLIO makeup tutorial

Hello pretty awesome! Did I ever tell you I'm a red lippie girl? Being pale makes me look like a vampy. Red lips makes a huge different in appearance. So, I go for red lips all the way.Red lips can stand out in crowd and portraits bold, sexy and brave. Sometimes, red lips can even lift up confidence. But all the way is so hard to achieve since most lipstick doesn't last long. You'll end up having that messy red lips which is opposite of sexy. So then I found Lipnicure. Remember how I encountered with this Lipnicure? and I'm glad I did. Lipnicure is literally a manicure polish for lips.
Lipnicure is somewhere between lipstick and lip stain, a nail polish and all. As always, CLIO Brand packaging is gorgeous, exquisite and sleek. I also love the container which is stylish and light to carry in you bag.
The wand is easy to hold but I find the applicator to be a little bit hard to have smooth lips. You'll get messy lips especially around the edge. I've put this Lip…


Hello pretty awesome, this is a pretty simple review for a pretty simple day. Few days ago, I had posted an entry about my first beauty swap. Yes!!! It was ah-mazing..and one of the item I got was this Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade of RED number 204.
I had mentioned to my swap partner that I'm in love with red shade as being a 'makcik2' I was....Red is definitely in...and one more thing about lip product is that I love matte ones. So she got me this one..I love Revlon since Emma Stone rocks it. I always adore her looks. She's like, so gorgeous yet so girl next door. Plus, I love the movie Spider-man where she and Andrew Garfield was totally awesome. Back to a more related topic, I saw this balm in Watsons which is my local drugstore and cost around RM30. I was going to buy one but I kept on postponing for an uncertain reason.
My day got lucky when I received this. So I have been testing it out and here's my simple honest verdict. At first sight and try…