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The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

First of all,
 a Big Thanks toNuffnang, and my kakakfor giving me the opportunity to be the very 1st to see The Hunger Game: Catching Fire in Malaysia.  Thnks again Nuffnang for the goodies
tote bag, magnet of the character and a really massive paper clip

my OOTD for the night. carrying a clutch is really exhausting. but thanks for the tote bag, look how happy i am with the tote bag. 
meet my date for the night a.k.a my lazy camera man, have to give credit to him. 
okey this THE DRESS! The dress in the movie! see! it is the same right? right? how cool is it to see THE DRESS in real life? when we just arrive the dress is just almost finish spraying. how cool is it? i got to see a bit of their work also. maybe i can spray one of my dress?
sorry for the really bad photo, i just wanted to show to u guys who is behind the beautiful dress, and maybe they can do wedding dress also. just maybe. 
okeyokey back to the movie.
The 1st Hunger game is the best! and since than, Hunger Game is offici…

Calling all sunglasses lover! Special Glassesonline month!

Its November guys, and girls of coz!  It's MOVEMBER month! do you know that giving away super sweet NUNETTES!
WHAT IS NUNETTES? omg! omg! omg! nunettes is.............. are u ready people?

dont you just want to own this super sweet pair of Nunettes? dont you????!
Simply Instagram yourself with a mustache and hash tag it #GoMovember to enter.  p.s The funnier the picture the better;)

we have join! come and join us and win a pair of sweet sweet nunettes!

#GoMovember guys and girls

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Dear beautiful and intelligent reader! 
on the 12th and 13th November 2013 at UITM Shah Alam has held an event. Called
SFCF - Sector Focused Career Fair
is actually SFCF? 
Sector Focused Career Fair aims to educate public particularly students on the choices of the career path available in the 11 sectors namely - Oil & Gas, Electronics & Electrical, IT, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, FMCG & Education.
In the world full of brilliant mind , Government has provide the best education plan for us to learn without boundaries, after we have learn, we then will be holding a certificate that defines who we are as an adult. But, are you a student and still juggling around feeling lost on what you're going to be in the future?
Then be amazed at SFCF, TALENCORP as the main sponsored brings job to you instead of ,you looking for it... there’s a lot career waiting for you there. It started of with tons of jobs opportunities ads displayed from many…

Natta Cosme November! Unbagging Heavy Edition?

Hello beauties!!It's been on my planning to do this post but I've been postponing because of work...I work for 10 days straight and felt worn out that on day 7, I have to drag myself to go to work...sigh*

Enough about me, It's the post that I've been promising, the unbagging/ unzipping/ unboxing Natta Cosme November; Heavy edition Beauty Bag!! While ordering I kept thinking what's it going to be for Heavy Edition? I was thinking it would be a heavy box maybe with rocks or something but when it came, it was like...owwww, I get it...and you will get it too soon after you scroll down...

Presenting my NC Nov Bag!
It's totally neat! Looks more convincing... I have to say Bravo to Natta Cosme because this is only the third bag after debut and they improved a lot lot ...see my previous post on Natta Cosme Beauty Bag September and October month to compare:)
Did you guess what's 'Heavy Edition' means? No? Ok..Let us see the first item in the bag...PS: I'…