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Contouring for newbie(me)

Good Day!
Hi peeps! so if you followed me on insta you definitely saw i post this picture, and if you look closely... you can see that my nose look like i just got my nose done right? coz honestly, im like any other pure malay that dont born with pointed nose. but its 2017 now, we got makeup to help us! since my 2017 resolution is to learn makeup like a pro, and i don't have a lot of it yet. so we have to get creative with whatever we have. 
Remember last time i posted a vid using this cute palette from Sephora;
So i am using the same palette, to be specific using the no 1 color to contour this not so pointed nose and this fat cheek. Don't worry about the strong color, that is why blending is very important. (speaking like a pro). Here a short vid of me doing my makeup, you can skip to the contouring part if you like too. Promise i won't take it  hardly. 😂


4u2 Envy Halo Concealer and Highlighter

Hello beauties, today short post is review on a new concealer I bought in Concealer is an important makeup component to hide all the ugliness on your face especially your redness and acne scar.
The concealer I decided to try on this time is by 4U2 Envy line called Halo.
The best thing about Halo is that it came with Highlighter on top which is pretty much a great deal. To compare, I have smudge the concealer on my hand alongside with two other brand concealer. This concealer is not too liquid or too creamy. The consistency are just right and easy to apply. I has medium coverage which to me is good for a day outing so it seems natural but not for photo shooting. As your can see a bit of flaws applying this concealer.
Worth RM23.90 is a great deal as it also include highlighter. Doesn't last for long period of makeup time. Easily crease over time. However, it is suitable for someone whom like to try concealer for the first time.
Click on the link to purchase now! http://ww…