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PMS pain crazy how-to avoid tips & random stuff LIBRESSE

Hello beautiful people♥

Today I went to the AEON mall to find what I saw in post..Thanks to her for sharing:). I admit that I'm totally a sucker for cute, adorable things that sometimes can't sleep for days if I can't find the thing that I have my eyes on! And thanks to my bf and my family that always bare with my insaneness towards everything I'm into ;) I'm always appreciative with every kindness that given to me by everyone and I'm learning to give back more. Alhamdulillah.. :)

So here's what I bought...
Tada...Libresse Super Cute Tin Container with included pads! for only RM1.90 each and with 6 choices of design. For only RM1.90, I decided to bought all designs. 

They included about 5 pads samples with different kind of size and with or without wings. I think it was definitely a good deal. This is the way to attracts buyer I suppose especially crazy shopper like me :P.. 
And a good way to tryout samples isn't it?
I always ha…

DKNY charm bracelet

lately, i been so addicted to online shopping because my housemate keep go thro all kind of online shopping website in front of me, and keep opening her package in front of me! HAHAHA, Because of her! I go thro all kind of online shopping website to buy a watch, because of her also my money is goneeeeeeee!  So,  I prefer my watch to be like a bracelet, because i dont like wearing things that dont have any function, so because of that i buy my watch that also look like a bracelet. This is what i found at It is not a original DKNY, because too cheap to be the original, i got it for rm53 plus postage fee rm12 total of rm65. For this really beautiful watch. I know i just said only shopping is bad and bla bla bla but, in my defence for me this watch is hard to find outside and hard to get it this cheap. Hahahha. But now i am saving my money to buy XOXO charm bracelet watch  See how beautiful it is? I hope u dont mind i take ur picture, i cant help …

Tips for online shopping lover

Bonjour my fellows reader!
Especially girls!  I know online shopping is fun and easy but it is also addicted!!!  So here just wan to remind u guyss buy only the things u need! Not the thing u want, Plus, not all online shopping is worth it to buy, because online shopping has more percentage that the seller cannot be trust , ur item will not arrived like u wanted, and plus postage fee it is more expensive then it should be, so my dear online shopping lover, heres some tips,
1st, buy only item that u cannot find outside, or hard to find.  2nd, buy only item that u need! Not item that u think u need. 3rd, do some background check on the seller.  4th, buy item that is more cheaper then it should be, n include postage fee, if include postage fee it is still cheap, then buy 10 of it, but if its not, better buy outside ur self! Do a little exercise dont be lazy!!
This is actually a reminder for me and especially for my kakak,  Tata! Have a great weekend guyss!  XOXO  Y

My Big Eye Easy makeup steps & AVON MEGA EFFECT MASCARA review

Hello beautiful people <3 Like always, thanks a lot lot for reading my post and extra thank you for those shows support by following :) I'm always extremely feel appreciative even if you just passing by.

Today I feel like sharing how I do my Big Eye easy makeup steps, I'm not professional at all, so this is definitely just an amateur 'how to' picture tutorial. Fell free to comment as always.
For everyday makeup look I always focused on the eyes because my eyes always have this stubborn dark circle and fine lines. I've tried a lot of products out there, it just won't go away. So, I'm just dealing with it by applying extra eye makeup to avoid looking like a panda. Though panda is really cute when you have it on your eyes, it's just 'uglyness' all over ( at least for me).

I always constantly on the hunt for the best mascara in town. To me, a great mascara should give volume and length and yet affordable since I'm constantly wearing it, one m…

Beauty Clinic Mediheal Overlab Real Powder Masks by Hishop :)

Hello beautiful people<3

As promised I'm going to do another product review that I got from Hishop August Beauty Box
Beauty Clinic Mediheal: Overlab Real Powder Mask. I got it in Orange Mandarin kind. And I love that I got in Orange Mandarin out of 5 other choices which Hishop is giving away as a sample when you shop in Hishop before. But it finishes so quickly as you know good things are always selling like hot cakes in Hishop!
Anyway, you can still buy them in Hishop for only RM9.90, I suppose is such a good deal since the quality is guaranteed. There's also a collagen plus smart filler mask by Mediheal available in Hishop.
Click now to grab one!

Lip Tint

i am a lip tint lover, i lovee it so muchh, because it last longer then any other lipstick, it is also look more natural. so i do a little online shopping at which kakak also do the shopping and i just do the asking and paying, hehe. credit to kakak! Thnx kakak!
Since it is from Korea i have to wait for 2 week!
After waiting for 2 week for my tint to arrived in my doorstep here it is!!!
have u ever feel so mad seeing the model wearing it and it look so pretty because they lips are naturally pink and pretty?
i have kinna blackish lips so i personally mad and jealous when seeing their lips are so pinkish. for u guys that have the same problem as me, i will do the review just for u guyss okey!

 so this is the first one, it is Cherry Hot Pink
The second one is Cherry Red

hope i can help!  ps, no edit, Iphone 5 camera
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My kakak ask me to do a review on
PORE BEAUTY NOSE SKINMISO Which she get from: HiShop FYI : This is a Hishop Brand product :)
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This product retail sells at RM36 - RM96 depending on it's quantity and came with all 3STEPS! Do click to see full on review by Hishop team:

Because my nose has this really stubborn white and blackhead, i agree to do the review. This is the instruction that kakak gave to me,
and this is my own instruction just for u guys,
this is in video form just forr u guysss! hahaha
this is my nose before wearing the SKINMISO, Firstly put on the 1STEP, it is a bit wet and smell like mint so refreshing, in the instruction at the back said if u feel irritating or pain reduce time or just stop apply it, after 10minute remove …

Hishop August Special Beauty Box ;D

Hello Beautiful People :)
I know I'm a little bit too late to share this...but...
I 'm gonna share it anyway :)

I received a big box from Hishop soo early but didn't have the time to do a post as I believe reviewing something should take an extra effort and time so that I can give my honest opinion and so..

Hence, I'll be posting my product later on...

Meanwhile I wanna give special Thank You shout-out to #Mabel Yan from Hishopfor giving me this fabulous opportunity to review their products! It's always a pleasure for me to explore new beauty product. Don't you just love beauty adventure?

Before showing a sneak peek of what I got in this special August Beauty Box,(A bigger box than usual shopper)

Want a beauty box as well? For those whom not yet in Hishop Affiliate Programme, you should!
Buy something from Hishop, Post about Hishop and register! Click! It doesn't matter you're not from Malaysia, international delivery available :)
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