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{REVIEW} CHOCOLATE FOAM! Chocolate that won't make you fat

Hi pretty!
Are you a chocolate lover? Have you ever felt like you can't live without chocolate? or a day without chocolate is like a day without sun?
If you do, I have the answer for you! and this chocolate is good for you.
Why? -the smell will make you very happy. -it is good for your skin. 
It have 7 function system. 1.Pore Care 2. Dead Skin Cell 3. Trouble Care 4. Make Up Remover 5. Sebum Oil Control 6. Skin Improvement 7. Moisturizing. Nutrient and also,  -it wont make you fat! trust me!
Ohh yaa, it is not for eating purpose. It is a cleansing foam for your skin.  This is the Zamian Clear Foam Cleansing. It smells like chocolate. It taste like? I'm not sure. I won't dare to taste though.
It even look like a chocolate. But please girls, or guys, don't eat it. Bare your self!
but when u apply it, it will became soapy and so nice.
I've been using it now for 3 weeks I guess. so far, there's no bad dramatic reaction. I do love it. because after applying it I can feel that …