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{EVENT} Duta XES yang cute, gorgeous and awesome

Hello pretty awesome, I'm cutting the crap and get on with the event coverage. As you may all know, I'm a huge fan of XES simply because they're super duper comfy and affordable. And their premium XES Signature bag are just to die for..and yeay!! XES are just too kind that they give me for's really like a dream came true.. And if you think that's the dream...just think how awesome it is to be the ambassador. Thanks to lovely Sabrina whom always gorgeous and oh so friendly whenever I met her. I was invited by her to this private event introducing the latest Miss XES Elegant. I always love going to XES event cause you can't get better warmth welcome by any host like Sabrina had given. You'll always go home with a smile on your face with the door gift and extra special XES item. Held in one of their premium outlet GLENMARIE SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, on 19th September 2014
 They had introduce us to the one luckiest girl that was crown as Miss XES El…