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Beauty Swap: A way to let your vanity travel and How- to guide

Hello pretty awesome!

 I always often dream of doing a beauty swap since I saw in you tube how fun they were. You know I don't get to travel as much as I wish too. So thank you technology that enable me to do beauty swap. I know some of you might not even know what beauty swap is..So let me introduce beauty swap to you first.
Swap is basically like a 'barter' system where you swap your things with someone else. A great even ethical swap should be same in quality and value. In beauty world, we girls or gay guys or guys swap beauty stuff with a corresponding person. A corresponding person can be your friend, your family, a stranger and anybody. Usually, we do beauty swap with a person that lives different country to enable us to discover beauty products from another country. It can be a country that far apart from each other or in your own region. The main concern in doing beauty swap would be the budget and finding legit non- scamming swap partner.
Thanks to my friend Cind…