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Spider Man 2 Review! Cheras Sentral TGV open

Hello pretty awesome! so long that I've done movie reviews...but I just had to do this me lame...but I don't really follow this spidey widey hero..infact most Marvel's are just not my cup of there's your answer on why I review so late...

I just hate seeing heroes come to life as it would make me really wish they were here when in fact, all of us are born hero to someone...

But for real, being not so much of a Marvel's fan, this one got me wanting more... I didn't really follow the Toby Maguire Spider Man but I definitely think this is better..this is less sappy nerdy version of spider man...and the love scene are just too sweet...Kind of reminding me to Real Steel movie..Have you seen it? It really lifts up your spirit... Yous should watch it...promise it won't be disappointing..