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[OOTD] same overall diff way

Good day peeps!
so as promised here a picture of me wearing the same overall in diff way. I wear skin color inner inside and nude bawal hijab to match the inner with XES super comfy heels. so which is your fav? with jeans jacket or inner?
See you tomorrow okey?

[OOTD]Hijab Style for Office Wear.

Good Day! Happy OOTD day!
Honestly my office wear is also my everyday wear. I wear what i wanna wear. oh women!

Height: 156cm, Weight: 53kg
 I just seriously love to wear bootcut now. I love that i looked tall, I love that i felt tall. This is the life of a short girl. So sad.Im just a a typical short and not so skinny Malay girl with a really high hope. DRAMA.
Things i wear; Hijab - my usual place is either downtown or masjid jamek I rarely buy my hijab more than RM20. Blouse - Padini RM50 Bell Button Palazzo - insta shop @hijabista.hub New bag 'Michael Kors" so not original - Petaling Street Rm120 nego till RM60. i know you guys can't see it but im wearing my most comfortable wedges from @XESShoes
Hope you love my OOTD for today. See you on the next post? promise?
Goodbye for now. Kisses. YR

[OOTD]Baggy Shirt is super comfy!

Good day good looking people!

Happy Thursday. Since my off day is spent at home with family i didn't get to dressup for today post but have no fear! That is what throwback all about right? This time im not all stand up as my previous post.

I know you guys seen this baggy shirt before. This is a my simple + lazy outfit as you can see the nurse at the back means i at the hospital, who dressup at hospital right?  Since its a major throwback, i guess why not i share my gediks pose

Here are details of my outfit and where u can get it; My hijab is gift from my mom (dm her for the info) Baggy shirt is DIY from old shawls that i personally called it tassel (maybe in the future you can get it at the store , my own brand) Padini blue jeans: RM50 on sales Forever21 black flat: RM50
i guess that it for today post.. gonna continue my sleep now. kisses.
See u next Wednesday!