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[OOTD]Ootd guysss

Hi people. Happy Thursday!

I feel so bad at being soo lazy for yesterday post. So today i make it up by sharing my 2 type of looks; Shawl: handmade myself. Dress: my sister's Ever since i been posting i came to realise that i always used my sister's stuff, i am such a good little sister lah. kn? Eh. Iloveu sis. Crop jeans jacket: Rome for Rm120 kot. (Got it when i was 17y/o) And yes still fit me nicely. Highfive 17y/o me🙏🏼 And flats. "Less is more"
Another one, same day, diff outfit, same mirror.
My kind of looks for gym. Yes i do go to the gym. Sometimes. I have really bad time management.  Oh you guys can get this at h&m Shirt: RM79.90 Pants: RM89.90
I only manage to get the shirt doooo. Im so sad. I will come back for u beautiful pants! Oh guys, if you going to the gym wear ur sport shoes. Forgive me this is how girls in the fitting room be like💁🏼Duhhh.

Till we meet again next Wednesday and Thursday?