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ALTHEA- RAYA Giveaway. Shop till drop!

Since Raya is coming up, how's your Raya preparation doing? Mine was fine until......

 I was planning to have a really simple Raya. No baju raya and no new makeup (coz I already buy plenty before). but since Althea have this really cute Limited Edition Ramadan Box. Suddenly, you know there's always something to buy! 

Besides, Althea have always have the best-est price. The cheapest so far! 
 On top of that Althea are doing Raya Giveaway Festival too, what's more reason you need?

All you have to do is spot the item above that have "FREE GIVEAWAY", add to cart (one item for one customer only eh! and ofcoz while stock last) continue shopping, once you checkout, the item that you pick that have "FREE GIVEAWAY" will discounted off!
Plus, There's no such thing too much makeup/skin care right? Coz, We using it everyday (finding reason to buy more😁). So i must. I have tooo! You guys should too okey? #gengshoptilldrop❤
Here the link for you too;

Elianto Warehouse SALES!

Hi People! It is that time of the year again! SALES! Like everywhere SALE! SALE! SALE!
Do you like Makeup? Bags? Perfume? Skincare?
if you say Yes! to all of that... you have to visit;

Elianto is having Warehouse clearance from 2 Dec 2016 until 12 Dec 2016!
I just visit there, so let the pictures and vid do the talking;

Honest review; I have never missed Elianto warehouse sales since 3 years back. Elianto warehouse Sales is actually the only sales i get excited and it have never disappoint me but this time.... the stuff is not as exciting as the past. (or is it just me getting older and matured?) But the price is the kind of price you said to yourself, it won't hurt to buy even tho its not that worth it. 
Eventho i said what i said but i end up spending total of RM85. Oh Women!
But.....It doesn't hurt that much right?
This cute perfume that get me excited! coz it came in a really cute box! and duh it's only RM25 each! you can just wrap it and give to someone. or don't…

Shop with me with RM200

In 2016? RM200 is like RM20 kn. So what can u get with RM200? Since its already pay day. I guess why not i pamper myself with some shopinggggggggggg right girls? Duhhhhh ofcoz.

before that, actually our "ketua" cant join us for today. so meet my shopping partner for today which also my best-est friend ever, my gossip mate, my lesbie;
so hey she single? hahaha. iloveu dayah. if u ever read this. muah.

total of RM170: 1 jeans, 2 t-shirt and 1 pair of flats. 
H&M : RM49.90. very comfy, stretchable & the zip is at side(rare) and sooo nice for RM49.90. 

Cotton On; this two come in promo buy 2 RM80, buy 1 RM59. *THIS IS HOW MARKETING LOOKS* ohh and the material is light weight lycra, very soft and not the kind that stick to your body. 
Cotton On; and lastly, new flats! i really need it, as your guys know i always wear the same flats. oh yaa just take note that some shoes at Cotton On by the name Rubi sometimes have pig skin, just be careful, read the label but if you dont …

Kasut dan Bag XES inspired by classic and rich Grecian tales

Hello lovelies, agak lama tak share post pergi event since I pun busy dengan kerja. Tapi bila XES jemput pergi event I memang akan cuba jugak sedaya upaya sebab I suka je dapat bag dan kasut from XES. Kali ni XES buat event besar- besaran kat concourse Quill City Mall dihadiri para- para media dan blogger juga artis- celebriti tempatan.
Event on that day macam- macam hado kau.. games and massage and free makeover la and also Instagram contest yang one of the prize my sis menang. Best nya shopping bag free...I dapat bawa balik satu bag pun dah happy. Keep on reading sebab I nak share collection baru yang XES launch hari tu. Seriously rambang mata tengok collection terbaru XES.