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{The Rainbow Cameo Project} Cheetah makeup look

Hello pretty awesome! Let's hear some cool song first There's a reason I'm putting the song up aside from this being my favorite song once. The lyrics to it are just ah-mazing and sweet sweet gitu...
You might already knew what I'm going to post about but did you know why? So, recently, my dear friend Syaza from bloobsblurbs approach me and 6 other beautiful, magnificent, gorgeous blogger to collaborate with her in a project called Rainbow Cameo.
Basically, it's a rainbow kind of 'beauty friendship post tag' that we have to do according to the colors of the rainbow.
of  course I would say yes to this, cause it's Rainbow (although there's no pink in rainbow)
The seven other bloggers that's joining me is Christine ( Izzah (  Syafiqah (  Mieza (  Josephine (  Mya (  Cindy (
Whose doing …

{REVIEW} Dermagic Intensive Serum by Simplysiti memang best dgn anti- penuaan, mencerahkan dan induce stress- free skin

Hello pretty awesome! Ok, the last time I've shared about my favorite budget whitening soap and now, lemme share another beauty secret of mine ( walaupun xdela beauty sngt and not so secret either) but seriously, it has became my staple skin care routine although I've just finishes the sample ones.
I got to try this Simplysiti Dermagic Intensive Serum from Hishop. And when the whole sample finishes, I just had had to buy my own. Honestly, I'm not a person that would spend more than RM50 for just ONE skin care. Not because I'm cheap. It's just I get bored on one skin care that I've changed often until I found this!
Simplysiti Intensive Serum works tremendously as a serum that offers double power anti- ageing,  brightening and induce stress- free skin resulting more youthful and fair skin. It is a marvelous light and easily absorbed pre- moisturizing serum with high double- charged formulation promotes optimum youthful flawless skin. Specially formulated with Pl…


If you've follow us on IG you would know that we're got infected by the viral tag #20 Facts About Me
If you don't, we just love to share it here. BTW, We're not twin, if you're curious. We're totally different. So check it out. And do share with us your #20 facts about me.  1) I'm a big believer in miracle,in God's doing, I have big dreams 
2) I'm a sucker for cute pink stuff, it has becoming an obsession sometimes; even my nickname back in school is Pink..and no one knows my real name 
3) Hates arguing and confrontation, benci pakse2 org tapi ego tinggi jugak 
4) Rather be silent and cries it all away or sleep
5) Very sensitive and emotional person when it comes to family, friends and the ones I love 
6) Love to be silly but shy at times 7) A bit of perfectionist freak when it comes to serious matter like work. Picky jgak...
 8) Hates dissapointing people
 9) Huge sweet tooth till I felt like almost hitting diabetic borderline 
10) Nampak konfiden tapi…

Benefit Cosmetics Workshop with Jasmine: They're Real Push- up Liner: Liner Mata yang best untuk yang tak reti makeup

Hello pretty awesome! Best tak title post kte? Last Friday, thanks to my dearest blogger friend, I was able to attend Makeup Workshop by Benefit. FYI: Most makeup workshop doesn't require you girls to be a blogger to attend the workshop. All you have to do is be alert and  'rajin' to discover about it. Apparently, this workshop was announced on their IG and my friend Putri was quick enough to grab a seat. 
And I'm soo glad that she's a true friend for inviting me to have fun with her. And when I heard it's Benefit, I would just say Yes without pause and without but. To me, Benefit is like a bit of high end brand that I could barely afford and my ultimate favorite especially in terms of packaging. How could I say no?
Even the boutique is too cute for me to resist. From afar you could see the pink cotton candy layout that makes you feel like being in amusement park full of makeups. See my previous post on Benefits boutique.
That was like my dream store. As for t…