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Go with Flip flops when you're in doubt!

Hello pretty awesome! Today I'm going to share my love for flip flops. Time flies and fashion comes and goes. But, flip- flops are there to stay. I've been wearing them since I know how to walk. Even now, I go with flip- flops whenever I felt like it.
 Why do I love flip- flops so much?  Simply because, Flip flops are the simple footwear you could wear when you want to rest your feet. Take off those high heels and relax your soles by wearing the simple flip flop. Flip flops are designed to provide comfort for you all day long and you no longer have to feel insecure having smelly feet. As you know, smelly feet occur when you wear covered shoes far too long. So why not just relax on the weekend with a stylish flip flop?  Kick off those high heels or ballerina flats and let your feet breathe.
Flips flops are also the perfect footwear to be worn on a daily routine such as going grocery shopping or a trip to the post office. However, never wear them to work as a lot of offices have c…