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{REVIEW} Dentiste: whiter than snow

hello my beautiful reader! how ur weekend? hope ur weekend is legend........ wait for it! DARY! LEGENDARY! 

have u guyz heard about Dentiste Plus White Premium Toothpaste with Nano Hydroxyapatite Perfect gum & Teeth Protection
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Whitening Nano Hydroxyapatite (HAp) toothpaste is unique combination of anti-staining agents and remineralizing nano-hyroxyapatite in Dentiste' Whitening formula makes it effective not only at removing and preventing stain deposition but also at restoring the natural gloss of tooth enamel and results in safe, natural and whiter-looking teeth.
with regular twice a day brushing, Dentiste' Premium White Provides: whitens teethbuilds increasing protection against painful sensitivi…

Paradise getaway with

Hi pretty awesome! How you like my previous post so far? Life in the city is the best. However, I need a break from all this. Thanks to Seeties, they giving away 10 ! Yup, 10 awesome getaway to be given away! As Seeties is quite new in town, let me first introduce you to  Seeties was founded by David and Elbert, 2 well-meaning souls who were on a mission to make life happy and meaningful. Since they were both spending so much time in the city, David wanted to build something that would make a difference in the lives of his fellow city-dwellers. Many people like him are caught up with the hustle and bustle and were missing out on the beauty of life itself. Thus David & Elbert’s life’s work began…
I think Seeties really understands just what I need...Hence, they hosted this cool Getaway Treat Campaign. Are you as wishful as I am? Since work, I had no time for vacay. Even staying with my family, we had very few time of vacation. To be exact, we only had's a sad fact. But ci…