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Still Raya OOTD

Before i start, I would like to officially apologize on not posting last week. I am currently in the midst of adapting in my new job. Yes im working. And yes i change job. From where to where? Honestly, i don't really comfortable to disclose mu personal life here, but if we ever hangout.... ask me. I would love to answer. 
So this time Raya OOTD is actually a bit special, coz this outfit was sent tailored with my own designs (honestly, i copy some other popular designers) kahkahkah. But hey, still effort! On researching, buying the material, sent to the tailor and pretty much paid. Effort! 
Kindly invite me to your open house. Im always hungry. 
K bye

Makeup with me for Raya!

Hi peeps!
Have u decide on your makeup for tomorrow? Here mine makeup look for tomorrow!

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Selamat Hari Raya!

Have you prepared your Kuih Raya?

Have you? If you don't and you such a lazy person like me. This is definitely the kuih raya for you! 

The things you need or the ingredients;
500gm Florentine / Florenta 250gm Pumpkin Seed* 250gm Sunflower Seed* 250gm Almond Flake*
1st of all, Bake all the * ingredients with 170•c in 5-15minutes. Once done, let it cool down for 5minutes min. Mix all the ingredients together and put in in a cup.
Bake for 10-15 minutes and you done!
Or just watch this;

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{Event} Nuffnang Raya 2014 @ Wanaka The Bungalow, Damansara Heights

Hello pretty awesome! If you followed me on IG, you would know that I participated in the #NNRaya where you get the chance to Raya- ing with all the Nuffnangers and of course, all the awesome collaborated partner for that Raya event like AmbiPur, Carama Castrol, Humble Beginnings, Doof Industries, WOW Photobooth and especially UMobile. source
Well, if you've seen the poster, you will be as excited as me cause it's so graphically cute. Sadly, I did not have much photo taken because I came with my mom and we're like hoping to one open house to another. As you already know, 23rd August was like the last weekend of Raya and to fulfill all the invitations, we have to shorten the length of raya- ing in one house. Skipping that sad part, I had undeniably awesome Raya with my mom and Nuffnang ok! Who said mom can't be your best girlfriend??
Arriving at Wanaka, the first thing we see is all the decoration they had in and out. It was the perfect weather too to strike a pose and …

{UNBOXING} Fashion Culture; Hijab Box; Raya special

Hello pretty awesome! I'm excited to share with you girls about this fashion box. Few times, I've been blogging about beauty box right? And how brilliant that Fashion Culture came up with the same concept but with, box full of accessories! Yup, you heard me.. It's A FASHION BOX. My sis Yana went insane on the item received and she just had to show off on her IG. She's a fashion junkie compared to mua the makeup junkie. I have to admit I went crazy too when I saw that butterfly ring. It is super gorgeous! But since, she loves it more than I do, I figured why not share what's inside.
As I open the beautiful white box, the item was wrapped neatly with black sugar paper and tie with white ribbon that seems exquisite. I was actually to excited to untie. But I have to take a photo of this because this minute little details what makes Fashion Culture box special.
Seeing all the item, makes me smile because it's just perfect for Raya. Especially for 'balik kampung…

{UPDATE} My beautiful Raya journal *Bahasa & English too

Hello pretty awesome!  As-salamu alaykum :) Macam mana raya anda? Best tak? Ok sebelum korang terjebak dengan membaca entry nie baik stop kalau rasa2 xsuka baca novel..Sebab kali nie memang nak buat blog macam dairi peribadi so, expect it to be long and banyak melalut ke laut. And less beauty more Raya related stuff. Source
I'm not sure if you can relate. But I think I'm getting sick and tired of my job. Not because of work mainly..but because of the way we've been treated by the superior. I never whine about my job but recently it has becoming a lot more stressful when your boss treated you like a kid. And I'm not talking about personal issues but she had been treated everyone awfully. Don't get me wrong, I love my job.. Although it's not the most glamorous job ever.. I learn new things everyday and I just love interacting with people. Source One thing to be clear, most would placed nurses as the worst person ever. Need to remind you that we're individual. N…

Easy Raya Shopping with

Hello pretty awesome! I know, all of you girls already know don't you? But, how many of you really shop there? I'm here to admit it's my first time shopping in Thanks to Zalora itself for the opportunity! After three days of ordering, I got my item already...tehee... I know my choice of item is a little bit ordinary. But I love it soo much.  See, it's not so bad right? This is the type of platform loafers that I was looking for. 7 inch and flat. This is definitely a comfy shoes to walk in and plus it give me height. BTW, black already sold out. You can look for Choc- O- Latte brand for white and salmon color if you want this too.
And this is another item that I choose from Zalora which already sold out too.  I'm looking for an everyday bag but you can also put on with crazy outfit look because it has two sides. One plain and one with orange tassels. Don't you think it's awesome?
I just wanna say that I think shopping at is gr…

My Qoo10 online shop review & some Eid Mubarak late entry

Assalammualaikum W.B.T♥
Selamat Hari Raya. How's your Raya?

This year, I've celebrate with simplicity as I was working on the Raya Day. However, just wanna share few Raya things that I've been doing.

Meet my siblings, instead of balik kampung we went for the mall.
In the morning, we were able to visit my late granma grave,
I never met my grandma.She died at young age. But please send Al-Fatihah to her....

Even though my Raya was just plain I was happy.

My Raya looks was inspired by Hijabista Raya Edition

which I've reuse old wardrobe add some laces to it .
The baju kurung is an old baju kurung that my aunt gave me, it fits me well but I just make it shorter and add lace. Lace cost me about RM25 per meter. And I match it with a kind of mermaid umbrella skirt (not sure the exact names are) which is RM30.

The second looks is a purple peplum dress RM15. Just a lycra kind of fabric, (if I'm not mistaken,) and match it with the same kind of skirt as the first look,with adorable …